Posted on 10th August, 2017


Mobile Fidelity remains forever synonymous with its ground-breaking original master recording on vinyl of Pink Floyd’s classic album, Dark Side Of The Moon.

That was way back in 1979 and as expected, the new benchmark LP’s sales went ballistic, with demand exceeding supply

These days, the company now known as MoFi has two divisions. Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs continues to press audiophile recordings while Mobile Fidelity Electronics plys its trade manufacturing turntables and accessories.

The great news is both parts of the company are now represented in Australia by Synergy Audio Visual, one of the countries leading distributors.

Philip Sawyer, Synergy CEO and a closet audiophile is clearly delighted by the new addition to his company’s portfolio:

Who can forget Mobile Fidelity’s amazing limited edition, boxed collection of 13 Original Master Recordings LPs by the Beatles called simply and aptly, The Beatles-Collection?

That was simply a taste of what was to come with releases of 16 Sinatra LPS in 1983 and a collection of 11 albums by the Rolling Stones in 1984. These albums a worth a fortune now and are eagerly sought after by collectors.

Mobile Fidelity didn’t ignore digital. In 1984 it released the Original Mobile Recording C, the first limited edition, audiophile quality CD. The disc was made using advanced mastering techniques and custom designed recording equipment.

Innovations continued to flow. These included recordings on the Ultradisc hybrid SACD format in 2002 and in 2003 recording on the 24-Karat Gold CD line called, Ultra Disc 11 24 KT.

Mobile Fidelity was also edging closer to audio manufacturing and by 2004 had released its OML-1 and OML-2 speakers.

These days, MoFi’s manufacturing division has devised a swish turntable called 'UltraDeck+' that comes prefitted with tonearm and cartridge priced at $3,199. A sample shown at the recent Sydney HiFi Show impressed show-goers, and it has now arrived at StereoNET HQ just this week or an upcoming review.

Philip Sawyer confirms a catalogue of Mobile Fidelity recordings will be available from September 2017.

We will roll out the MoFi catalogue from September offering a stocked range and a pre-order service for retailers. Needless to say as audiophiles everyone working as Synergy is pleased MoFi has finally arrived in Australia,

MoFi will compliment Synergy’s quality brands that now include McIntosh, Audio Research, Sonus Faber, Rega, Cambridge Audio and many more.

For more information visit the MoFi brand page.


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