Mix And Matte With Geneva

Posted on 27th October, 2015

Mix And Matte With Geneva

Stylishly producing fine quality sound, the range of wireless DAB+ sound systems from Geneva are now available in a new matte collection.

With the simple touch of a button, stream your favourite tracks to each of the new Geneva models from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop as well as your iPhone, or iPod.

Upholding the Geneva tradition of combining superb musical fidelity with a unique design concept, the new range offers even more. With completely re-engineered components, higher grade electronics and now, updated speaker drivers, everything comes together to produce the most impressive sound.  

Primarily a Bluetooth speaker, each Geneva model has an LED display to tell the time, mode, and station located in the corner of the unit. The Model XS, S, and M also feature a digital alarm clock, FM radio and DAB+, and provide clear, detailed sound with intuitive controls.

All of the Geneva Models are remarkably easy to operate and visually stunning, with a timeless style that will fit in with any décor. Visual cues including sleek lacquered sides and clean design lines, along with effortless setup, lift these speakers above the world of lackluster visuals and perplexing gadgetry.           

This minimalist design and superb build quality adds to the premium feel of the range. Geneva’s all-in-one speakers are perfect for listening to your favourite radio station or music, and the XXL will be sure to make your TV come to life. 

Geneva Model XS Wireless DAB+ $449 RRP

Inspired by the classic travel clock and perfect for the everyday traveler, the Geneva Model XS Wireless DAB+ comes in a sturdy leather-like clamshell case that flips open to deliver rich and detailed acoustics. Closed, it’s a stylish accessory small enough to slip into any briefcase or day bag. The digital amplifier and stereo speakers play mid and high frequencies with absolute accuracy, with a woofer that is capable of producing a robust bass response below 80Hz. It is available in red, white and black matte finishes.

Geneva Model S Wireless DAB+ (with stand) $699 RRP  

The perfect size for a bookshelf, the Model S and M Wireless DAB+ both combine a timeless design quality with meticulous construction, dock-free wireless capabilities and an audio performance which competes with much larger systems.

Geneva Model M Wireless DAB+ (without stand) $999 RRP

The new Model S and Model M Wireless DAB+ are the most complete and accomplished way to enjoy your digital music catalogue. Both the S and M models are available in black and white matte, with the S also available in red.

Geneva Model L Wireless DAB+ (with stand) $2,299 RRP

Ideal to fill large rooms with gloriously detailed, dynamic sound, the Model L Wireless DAB+ has a CD Player so you can still enjoy the supreme sound quality of any music you have on a CD. It is available in black and white matte as well as walnut. 

Geneva Model XL Wireless DAB+ (without stand) $3,499 RRP

Combining stunning looks with advanced acoustics, the Geneva Model XXL Wireless DAB+ is powered to produce an impressive home theatre and high-fidelity music system contained inside an elegant furniture-grade wood cabinet. Its state of the art digital amplifiers power six speakers and an 8-inch subwoofer, with each speaker individually powered and housed in a chamber for accurate and balanced acoustics. It comes in either black or white matte. 

Geneva Model XXL Wireless DAB+ $5,499 RRP

Designed for the movie and TV lover, the Geneva Model XXL features Apple Airplay and has been designed to hold a flat screen TV up to 65-inches placed on top of the unit. With a simple connection via an HDMI cable, the Model XXL Wireless DAB+ also provides interior storage with ample space for components such as a cable box, game console, or DVD player.

Engineered to provide optimal sound for music and sound effects, the Model XXL offers an exceptional audio experience for anything you are watching, from news, to sports, music videos or even the latest action-packed blockbuster.

An optional aluminium floor stand is available for each model (except Model XXL). 

Geneva is distributed in Australia by Audio Dynamics.

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