Posted on 15th August, 2018


Selby Acoustics rate Scott Krix and his speakers highly.

So highly, they’ve built a dedicated room at their new Thornbury store to showcase the Krix MX 'Wall of Sound' speaker system that’s wowing home cinema fans all around the world.

A profoundly talented designer, Scott Krix laboured hard and long to create his class-leading MX series with one object in mind: to give home cinema owners that use an acoustically transparent screen the quality of sound heard in a movie theatre equipped with Krix speakers.

Scott Krix’s goal with the MX speakers was nothing less than providing a domestic home cinema room with a commercial level of cinema sound.

Krix MX20 Cinema Loudspeakers

Scott Krix said:

In a movie theatre the sound is heard in all its dynamic and detailed glory, but the speakers need to remain invisible. My design does that because it uses a wall of speakers to drive a dynamic soundtrack directly through a big screen to provide an ultimate and deeply immersive sound experience.

The Krix MX speakers combined with Krix matching surround speakers do all of the above.

But rather than read about it, Selby Acoustics has extended an invitation to hear this for yourself. The store will also have an extended range of Krix stereo and home cinema speakers for you to explore.

The occasion will also have Scott Krix on hand to talk about the history and evolution of the MX speakers. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Selby Acoustics, Thornbury Victoria

To reserve your free ticket, simply book your spot on the Eventbrite page.

The Selby Acoustics store is located in trendy Thornbury, Victoria, at 594 High Street. The event is being held on Thursday 16th August and the evening kicks off at 6.30pm and is expected to conclude around 9.30pm.

Refreshments will be provided but get in quick because tickets are strictly limited.

For more information visit Krix | Selby Acoustics | Event Page


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