Posted on 13th June, 2019


Colourists and home theatre professionals have long acknowledged Bias Lighting as an effective means to both improve the perceived contrast ratio and reduce eye-strain associated with viewing television in a darkened room.

Until now, the challenge has been sourcing reasonably priced, colour accurate bias lights locally. Thanks to Sydney based DNS Distribution and its MediaLight range, this is set to change.

While the MediaLight is no stranger to overseas markets, it’s a relative newcomer to the Australian market. With no less than six different models now available, the brand has hit the ground running.

The $59 Eclipse is a 60 centimetre LED strip light, which can be affixed directly to the back of a television or monitors up to 42” thanks to pre-affixed 3M adhesive backing. Powered directly via a USB socket connected to the TV, it features an in-line dimmer to control intensity.

An optional MediaLight remote is also available, providing the ability to adjust the brightness and turn the  Eclipse on or off directly from the remote. The Eclipse is rated at 6,500k with a CRI (colour rendering index) of 95 Ra.

The $99 MediaLight Pro is identical to the Eclipse save for the fact that it has been balanced to CIE D65. As televisions and monitors are calibrated to a D65 white point, this makes it ideal for colour critical applications.

The $99 MediaLight Single, shares the same specifications as the Eclipse, but at 140 centimetres in length it’s suitable for displays up to 85”. The Single also comes packaged with the MediaLight Remote.

MediaLight Eclipse

Both the $149 Quad and $199 Quad XL are designed to be affixed to all sides of a display, in turn providing more uniform lighting. The Quad is suitable for displays up to 85”, whereas the XL is designed for displays between 75”- 90”.

The latest addition to the MediaLight range is the Flex. Designed to be used with displays of almost any size, the Flex utilises smaller LED’s designed to “pack a big punch in a smaller format”. Whereas other models are supplied at a predetermined length, the Flex can be cut to size.

All models are also supplied with cable management clips.

Available now, for more information, visit MediaLight.


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