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Bill Mclean, audiophile, music lover and owner of Mcleans Hi-Fi in East Gosford, NSW, knows a thing or two about loudspeakers.

After all, Bill is the man who single-handedly put the great Magneplanar speaker brand back on the audiophile map within Australia when others lacked the passion or the willpower.

The same passion for great sound led Bill to the very little known Devore Fidelity speakers. Within months of acquiring the rights to distribute Devore locally, the brand was little known, no more.

Dutch & Dutch 8CBut the urge to source distribution of particularly fine sounding speakers never stops, and moved Bill Mclean to source and acquire national distribution for another winner called quite quaintly, Dutch & Dutch.

Quizzed about these speakers, Mclean says with his customary chuckle that show visitors will be blown away by the high sound of what looms as a complete one-stop audio solution.

Dutch & Dutch 8C All In One Speakers

What could be neater than a compact stand mount with high-end DACs, amps, subwoofers and a DSP. The system also comes with room-matching and streaming capabilities out-of-the-box.

And what about a loudspeaker that can be inserted into your local network and grouped to provide sound in multiple rooms or zones?

Mclean said:

Think about it. Here’s a high-end speaker that’s compact but delivers a huge soundstage and real-life sound levels. The Dutch & Dutch 8C speaker is accurate, adaptive and an all-in-one audio solution that’s rather nice looking and has a huge partner acceptance factor.

The devilishly clever speaker is accurate because it can be configured to work with any room’s acoustics rather than against it. It’s adaptive because it can be tuned to any room, but can also be placed close to room boundaries without losing fidelity.

The 8c can also be updated from Dutch & Dutch’s cloud-based software platform as new firmware versions become available.

Dutch & Dutch 8C Rear

Each 8c is fitted with two 8-inch high excursion subwoofers, an 8-inch midrange and a one-inch alloy dome tweeter. Three amplifiers tri-amp each speaker. These are rated at 500 watts for low-frequency drivers, 250 watts for the midrange and 250 watts for the tweeter.

The 8c’s frequency response is 30Hz to 20kHz at +/- 1 Db.

All this from a beautifully styled and finished enclosure that measures just 485mm high, 270mm wide and 380mm deep.

Dutch & Dutch 8C Hi-Fi Show

And that is just one spectacular product that Mcleans Smarter Home Entertainment will exhibit in Room 1313. One thing's for sure, it will be standing room only.

The 2018 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show runs from October 12-14 at the Pullman Mercure Hotel, Queens Road, Albert Park. Tickets are on sale now.

For more information visit Dutch & Dutch.


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