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28th November, 2017


Next time your neighbourhood descends into total darkness, don’t blame your energy provider for the blackout. Blame McIntosh.

The American audio specialist brand has just unleashed a monstrously powerful amplifier, and what’s more amazing it’s a mono design and several can be used in home cinema systems.

The new amp is the 1200-watt model called the MC1.25KW.

McIntosh MC1.25KW

If the model number sets your memory bells chiming, have a cigar. Yes, the newbie replaces the also-very-powerful McIntosh MC1.2KW mono model, and if you’re asking what’s to gain with a piffling, extra half-a-watt, you’re asking the wrong question.

The new MC1.25KW is just that - NEW.

Mc says it’s been redesigned from top to bottom to ensure it retains its role as the brand’s most potent single chassis monoblock model.

Moreover, that 1200-watt output is delivered to speakers with a nominal 2, 4 or 8-Ohm load with a distortion level descending to 0.005 percent.

As befitting such a powerful model, the build quality and weight are in the battleship class. The MC1.25KW (take a deep breath) weighs 71.7 kg and is physically as large as half a family fridge.

That’s the exterior. Internally Mc has increased the filter capacity of the new model by 50 percent so it will have tauter bass, and better headroom dynamics than the model the MC1.25KW replaces.

Looks wise, the MC1.25KW is unmistakably a McIntosh amplifier for the same reasons a Harley motorcycle can’t be mistaken for anything else.

Style cues include two very large blue power meters that are now part of Mc’s logo, as are the exposed Autoformer and power transformer located directly behind the glass and chrome black fascia. But please note, the transformers are now built into new glass-topped enclosures.

But in a nod to contemporary styling, Mc has given the top of the Mc1.25KW lashings of grey metal including a circular glasswork with the brand’s name above the front panel.

The amp’s four heat sinks continue to follow Mc’s contemporary styling cue, and these carry the McIntosh monogram. The large chassis has tons of polished steel, and this continues Mc’s traditional design style.

Elsewhere, the Mc1.25KW carries an updated power transformer and heavier gauge internal wiring, upgraded circuit components and an eco-friendly power management circuit that switches the amp off after a set amount of time in the absence of an input signal.

Another worthwhile upgrade is the AC receptacle. This has been relocated so a greater number of power cords can be more easily inserted.

Like we said above: if your place has a blackout, don’t call your energy provider. It’s just likely to be a lucky dude powering up a couple of MC1.25KW amps in your area.

The MC1.25KW arrives in Australia early next year priced at  $25,495 RRP (each).

For more information visit McIntosh.


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