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24th July, 2018


The champagne corks are popping at McIntosh headquarters in Binghamton, New York, celebrating the release of the MC462 amplifier that ships this month.

The MC462 replaces the much-admired MC452 amplifier. Both feature the same brutishly powerful output of 450 watts. Enough to drive any speaker load thrown their way.

Factor in that the MC462 is built with a dedicated McIntosh Autoformer connected to each of its two channels and you can bank on the entire 450 watts per channel being on tap to drive any speaker if it has 2, 4 or 8-ohm impedance.

The MC452 was a great amp. The MC462 as you’d expect McIntosh to say is even better. But knowing this brand’s proven track record, you can believe its summation about the virtues of the new model.

This is backed up by a 50% increase in the MC462’s filter capacity compared to the MC452’s. This boost yields a 66% increase in dynamic headroom from 1.8dB to 3.0dB.

The superior filter capacity will cope effortlessly with music’s swings and troughs, regardless of the genre. And yes, these credentials ensures that heavy metal headbangers with really big speakers can also apply to join the MC462 owner’s club.

McIntosh has also given the new amp its latest eco-friendly power management system while also upgrading the internal wiring and selected circuit components.

The MC462 looks like a big McIntosh. But enhancements include direct LED backlighting for the two huge, facia mounted meters.

As well, they've given the amp's two autoformers and single power trannie new enclosures that are topped by a single machined cover with glass inserts.

Look to the rear of the MC462, and you’ll spot another new tweak: four monogrammed heatsinks.

Connections include balanced and single-ended outputs.

Stylistically the MC462 is all McIntosh featuring a superb polished stainless steel chassis and the iconic McIntosh black glass front panel, illuminated logo and control knobs.

The final touch is a pair of large, aluminium handles and a pair of blue Wattmeters.

The McIntosh MC462 will sell for US$9000. Local pricing has not yet been confirmed.

For more information visit McIntosh.


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