McIntosh C22 Mk V Tube Pre-Amp Announced

Posted on 23rd September, 2020

McIntosh C22 Mk V Tube Pre-Amp Announced

McIntosh has introduced its fifth-generation C22 vacuum tube Pre-amplifier replacing its 2019 C70 Limited Edition 70th Anniversary model. The handmade pre-amp employs a 12AT7 along with five 12AX7A valves which are all visible thanks to a top-mounted glass panel. It's all go today as this announcement follows news of the company's MC1502 power amp.

McIntosh C22 Mk V preamp uk hifi news

Naturally, there's the reassuringly solid switches and knobs as expected from the Binghamton-based brand. As well as volume there are rotary tone control (bypassable) knobs for bass and treble, which can be adjusted in 2 dB increments. Phono input impedance and capacitance are also easily adjusted via rotary knobs, plus the main volume knob can be used to adjust balance, too.

McIntosh C22 Mk V preamp uk hifi news

The C22 Mk V connectivity options include two balanced inputs, three unbalanced inputs, plus provision for both Moving Coil and Moving Magnet phono inputs. Additionally, there are two pairs of balanced and unbalanced output connections; the twin outputs allow signal transfer to two separate power amplifiers.

For personal listening sessions, the C22 Mk V sports McIntosh's High Drive headphone amplifier, complete with the manufacturer's Headphone Crossfeed Director (HXD) tech.

McIntosh C22 Mk V preamp uk hifi news

Finally, there is also McIntosh's Power Control technology onboard that offers four ports capable of automatically turning other connected McIntosh components on and off. Data ports are also present, to control connected McIntosh source components via the included remote control.

The C22 Mk V can be ordered now and sells in Australia for $11,995 RRP.

For more information, please visit McIntosh.

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