Posted on 19th October, 2018


If there’s any brand that knows about integrating subwoofers with other speakers its electrostatic maestro, Martin Logan.

This brand has been blending moving coil woofers with electrostatic panels for decades and doing this difficult task with ease.

Some years ago, Martin Logan added active subwoofers to its speaker range. These models had crossover points that were inaudible with the brand’s electrostatics. But here’s the thing: they worked beautifully with Quad electrostatics, new or old.

Now, Martin Logan is replenishing its subs with five new models and these are the $749 Dynamo 400, $1099 600X, $1449 800X, $2249 $1100X and the flagship $3199 1600X.

There’s also a new $329 Wireless transmitter called the SWT-X.

The model 400 uses an 8-inch, high excursion, inverted surround driver with a polypropylene cone in a stamped steel basket. It’s ported and powered by a 75-watt amplifier.

The 600X ups the driver size to 10-inches. The driver is made from the same materials like the 400, but the power amp generates 120-watts.

The 800X works with a 10-inch driver but the cabinet is sealed, and the amplifier is rated at 300-watts.

A 12-inch driver in a sealed cabinet is used in the 1100X. The power amplifier provides 650-watts of power.

The flagship 1600-X has an impressive 15-inch driver and like all these new models follows the theme of high excursion, inverted surround and a polypropylene cone in a stamped seal enclosure. Power is from an impressive 650-watt amp.

The new 2.4GHz wireless transmitter is compatible with the 600X, 800X, 1100X and 1600X. Martin Logan says all of its new subs have extensive input options, wireless connectivity, control via a Bluetooth app (iOS and Android) and Anthem Room Correction (ARC).

Each sub has left and right 2-channel inputs, LFE home theatre input, 12-volt trigger input and provide the option of simultaneous LFE and 2-channel connections.

For more information visit Martin Logan.

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