Posted on 21st May, 2018


It’s game over for Marshall Blonstein, the inspiration and head honcho of the boutique recording label, Audio Fidelity.

Marshall has signalled he’s quitting the respected and much admired recording label he founded 17 years ago to pursue other interests.

He said:

After much deliberation and much back and forth, I have decided to wind down Audio Fidelity… it’s time to move on. There are other passions and projects that have my interest.

Blonstein also said Bob Bantz of Elusive Disc, would handle Audio Fidelity’s entire current inventory and would handle all CD, SACD and Vinyl sales.

The Vault on Audio Fidelity’s website will remain open for a short time. Two of the brand’s employees will handle all Vault and collectibles sales until stock runs out.

The straight-talking Marshall, as StereoNET’s deep and exclusive interview by David Martin reveals is not a bloke to be overly motivated by money. What drives him is a deeply ingrained passion for music and a desire to record it with flawless fidelity.

Over its 17-year journey, Audio Fidelity focused on the restoration of iconic titles that resulted in superb remastering and reissues on 24K CDs, hybrid SACDs and a small range of vinyl.

Audio Fidelity’s catalogue is a who’s who of rock. Artists represented on the label include Cosby, Stills and Nash, Phil Collins, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Simon and Garfunkle, Kate Bush, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Santana, The Beach Boys and many more.

Blonstein has a distinguished recording career. He started with the Dunhill label and worked there with The Four Tops, Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, The Mamas And The Papas and many others.

He moved on to work with A.B.C. Records, Columbia, Epic and later, ODE Records. Famous albums from those times are Carole King’s Tapestry and The Rocky Horror Show.

Blonstein also worked with Chris Blackwell at Island Records where he produced Grace Jone’s Nightclubbing and Marianne Faithfull’s Broken English album.

He also produced albums featuring Bob Marley and Steve Winwood.

During the StereoNET interview, Blonstein revealed what drove him in his work.

He said:

My criteria has always been to select artists and music that I would like to personally take home and listen to. That’s why we have never done any rap, hip hop or country.

Many music lovers and audiophiles would concur and say Blonstein’s mission to be well and truly accomplished.

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