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The last few years have been a long and arduous journey for one of Australia's iconic distributors, Convoy International. It's been a self-confessed journey of rediscovery, rebuilding, and renewed focus.

After making the tough decision to cease distributing some of the biggest brand names in consumer electronics to the mass market, consolidating a brand portfolio after Bowers & Wilkins established a subsidiary operation directly in Australia, to reducing its workforce and moving its head office and warehouse facility, Convoy's CEO, Geoff Matthews with over 52 years’ experience within the Australian industry, it's fair to say has been to hell and back.

But just over two years later, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Convoy emerges with a new brand portfolio and is getting down to business once more.

Convoy held its national dealer conference in the Southern Highlands of NSW at the Gibraltar Hotel and Resort in Bowral in early August, and it served as the perfect opportunity to showcase what's now available from the Convoy stable.

Matthews told StereoNET:

Convoy has never believed in having a filing cabinet full of brands. We like loyalty and being able to focus on core brands and supporting those brands and their dealers who have invested in them. Sometimes the brand journey is a long but rewarding one.

Most notably, it also marked the relaunch of two iconic and world-class brands in Australia, Mark Levinson, and Revel.

International representatives from Convoy's represented brands made the long journey to be on hand to talk about the brands and products, for the benefit of specialist dealers from all around Australia that were in attendance.

Celebrating the Mark Levinson and Lexus long-standing relationship, all guests were treated to a Lexus experience for the 1.5-hour trip south from Sydney's airport.

Resembling a traditional hotel Hi-Fi Show, Convoy had set up hotel rooms each with one of its represented brands on show. Brands included iconic JBL together with Cary Audio, Music Hall combined with NAD Electronics and PSB speakers, NAD Electronics and Revel's more affordable speakers, a dedicated Bluesound space, an eye-opening Isoacoustics A/B demonstration with PSB speakers, and the main event, Mark Levinson electronics harmoniously paired with Revel's Salon2 loudspeakers. Convoy's latest acquisition, Sonitus and its range of acoustic panels also impressed those in attendance.

Across the two-day duration, many variations of equipment were set up for guests to audition, and of course, the Levinson/Revel suite was standing room only.

Chatting to Matthews and team, it's clear that Convoy is putting the effort in to support its dealers and the brands it represents in Australia. By their own admission, there's still loads of room for improvement.

Convoy National Team and HARMAN representatives

In a fast-paced global marketplace, success in business can change overnight. It's the ability to adapt, evolve, and to respond to these changes that will allow a company to prosper over an extended period. There's no doubt though that Convoy's half-century of trading history already proves it's in for the long haul.

Australia's specialist retailers in attendance were treated to just a taste of the ability of Mark Levinson and Revel, and you can likely expect to see these brands emerging in retail outlets over the coming months.

The brands will officially debut to the public at the 2018 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show, October 12-14, at the Pullman Mercure Hotel in Albert Park. Tickets on sale now.

For more information visit Convoy.


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