Posted on 24th December, 2017


Unless you’ve been sojourning in lower Mongolia or any other place without the web, you can’t have failed to notice streaming is the flavour of the decade.

Indeed, if you’re not aboard the music streaming revolution, in some circles you’re thought of as something of an audio dullard.

Savvy streamers seem able to get their music from just about any compatible smart device and that nebulous universe called the 'cloud.'

But while it all seems too easy and streaming music is mostly a doddle, sometimes it isn’t.

Like when your usually reliable and fine sounding Marantz amp or receiver stubbornly and suddenly refuses to work with streaming service, Spotify.

Spotify you’ll recall surfaced way back in 2013. Only fours years ago, but when it’s considered that a month is aeons in a digital universe that upgrades by the minute, you’ll understand why Marantz owners have come to grief.

It seems the latest Spotify upgrade and the original 2012 version installed in Marantz gear are at loggerheads.

Particularly affected are Marantz owners who splashed their cash on Spotified models throughout 2012 and even later.

Marantz has a solution. And it’s free.

Since it was aware of the issue, this legacy brand with its proven record of reliable after sales service has been busy providing new firmware to consumers so they can upgrade and solve their Spotify dilemma.

Marantz began providing the firmware upgrade from November 2017 to March 2018. To upgrade your Marantz model, simply connect your component to the Internet.

Eligible models comprise the M-CR610, M-CR510, NA-11S1 (firmware released in November 2017), NR1504, NR1604, SR6008, SR7008 (end of December 2017), AV7701, AV8801 (end of February 2018), NR1603, SR5007, SR6007 and SR7007 (March 2018).

If you’re having a problem with Spotify on your Marantz component, contact the service division of Qualifi, brand’s Australian distributor.

For more information visit Marantz.

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