Posted on 25th September, 2018


M8audio’s new Tiny Maxwell loudspeaker is a testament to this innovative, Queensland speaker company’s design and manufacturing brilliance.

We’ve had the Tiny Maxwell in one of our StereoNET listening rooms the past month and a half, and in this time, this compact high-end monitor has rocked our audio boat.

Our review pair is destined for Room 1201 at this year’s Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show where they can be auditioned alongside the Sweet Maxwell model in M8audio's suite.

The Tiny Maxwell is a beautifully styled speaker that has many of the features of the Sweet Maxwell but is smaller and just 378mm high, 168mm wide and 267mm deep.

In our room, the Tiny Maxwell disappeared leaving scads of detail, transparency, a huge soundstage and a profoundly pleasing musicality in place to remind us what a truly, high-end monitor this speaker is at the cost of $4000 for the pair.

They are in the handful of high-end compacts that look as good as they sound. And, they’re primed to deliver a top-end performance in a modestly sized room.

M8audio Tiny Maxwell

The Tiny Maxwell’s cabinet is a work of art. The sensuous cabinet is handmade from cross-laminated birch veneer sourced from M8audio’s sustainable forestry suppliers in Europe.

The cabinet’s curves are achieved with precision CNC matching. Internally M8audio has gone to the expense of machining honeycomb bracing to make for an ultra-rigid construction.

Drivers chosen for the Tiny Maxwell are no less than the famous Scan-Speak Revelator as the bass/mid, while the T100BE tweeter features a pure beryllium diaphragm and a 29mm voice coil.

The crossover point of 2.6kHz was possible thanks to the extended frequency response of the bass/mid driver and the pedigree tweeter that just like the Bass/mid, has a wider than normal bandwidth.

The Tiny Maxwell and Sweet Maxwell can be heard driven by DiDiT DACs and amplifiers made in the Netherlands, along with the Belgium-made 432EVO server as a signal source.

The Sweet Maxwells have all of the speed, transparency and musicality of the Tiny Maxwells, but they dig deeper into the bass and will work superbly in larger listening rooms.

But take it as given, both M8audio models are not to be missed at this year’s show.

The very special handmade cables linking this gear are by the German brands, ViaBlue, and the exact cables M8audio loaned us for the Tiny Maxwell review coming to StereoNET soon.

For more information visit M8audio.


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