Posted on 1st February, 2018

When Linn launched its first LP12 in 1972, few would have guessed it would garnish the accolade as one of the world’s most famous turntables.

Indeed since its release, Linn’s ubiquitous LP12 has achieved several milestones: it continues to be highly sought after, and it continues to accrue international accolades for its timeless design and its unquestionably, great sound quality.

A testament to its longevity and excellence comes from the UK’s Hi-Fi Choice magazine’s reviewers who rate it as the most significant Hi-Fi component ever sold in the UK.

In the USA, the prestigious audio magazine The Absolute Sound rated the Linn LP12 as the second most significant turntable of all time.

One of the LP12's most enduring features is its upgradeability that gives all Linn's past and present, a measure of future proofing unmatched by its rivals.

Anyone who bought a Linn LP12 in 1972 can have it upgraded to incorporate all the developments Linn has produced since that time.

The original LP12 stands out from current models by only two small physical features: a square on/off power button and a Perspex lid that required a swivelling arm to mount a small cut-out on the turntable’s plinth to remain open.

Beyond that, physically and mechanically the original LP12 and current models look almost the same.

But over the decades Linn has laboured to enhance each generation of its famous turntable. The power supply, sub-chassis, and the bearing have undergone many evolutions and just about every other part of the original up to and including its three sub-chassis' tuning springs and rubber grommets.

Linn owners can choose the level of upgrade they might want and can afford to splash on their LP12.

Now is a great time to exercise that choice thanks to a special offer from Linn that will please many. From now until March 1st, 2018, Linn in conjunction with its Australian distributor are offering one half-price Akurate LP12 upgrade for those buying the Majik LP12.

This gives the Majik the Kore Sub-chassis, Akito Tonearm, Krystal Cartridge, Trampolin baseboard or the Lingo 3 Power Supply.

Each upgrade can only be performed by an official Linn dealer.

Linn gets asked rather frequently the question: what should I upgrade first on my LP12. The answer is that every LP12 is a little different, every system is different, and everyone’s tastes in music are different.

To get a definitive answer, Linn owners should speak to a Linn dealer about what to upgrade first.

But right now, these upgrades are available and qualify for Linn’s half-price promotion:

  • Trampolin base board ($339 RRP, now $169.50)
  • Kore subchassis ($1,595 RRP, now $797.50)
  • Akito tonearm ($3,195 RRP, now $1,597.50)
  • Lingo 3 Power supply ($2,795 RRP, now $1,397.50)
  • Krystal MC cartridge ($2,495 RRP, now $1,247.50)

The above upgrade prices are only available when purchased with a Linn Majik LP12 ($5,695 RRP).

For participating dealers, visit Advance Audio's Promotion Page.

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