Lindemann Audio Embraces DSD

Posted on 21st April, 2016

Lindemann Audio Embraces DSD

German manufacturer with a home-ground advantage, Lindemann Audio, has just announced in time for Munich's High End show in May, their Musicbook range has been revised to be DSD capable.

According to Lindemann, “DSD is the new analogue!”. Known as specialists for excellent digital source, the announcement says both the Musicbook:10 and Musicbook:15 DACs, and Musicbook:20 and Musicbook:25 streamers have been revised quite significantly. The revisions mark the launch of their new Musicbook: range.

Musicbook:DSD features resampling of all digital source data (regardless of type of input) to DSD 256.

The sonic gain of the new converter architecture is dramatic: greater dynamics, more vivid timbres and a new, totally “life-like” atmosphere which closely resembles an analogue production (with far better resolution).

Musicbook:DSD also gains the addition of Bluetooth APTX and a USB Audio port capable of up to 384kHz and DSD 256 across all models.

The good news for existing Musicbook: models, the Musicbook:DSD will replace the previous models, however Lindemann is offering a full hardware upgrade to the new Musicbook:DSD version. It's not clear what costs are involved for this process, however firmware updates will be distributed online, free of charge.

Australian distributor of Lindemann Audio, Audio Magic, will be demonstrating the new Musicbook:DSD at the 2016 International HiFi Show, Melbourne, July 1st-3rd.

Local pricing has not yet been confirmed.

For more information contact Audio Magic.

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