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At Sydney's stunning Museum of Contemporary Art, LG Electronics Australia today unveiled its hotly anticipated, AI-capable*, 2018 TV line-up. Featuring its most advanced OLED, SUPER UHD and 4K UHD models yet, the range of TVs will be making their way into Australian retailers from mid-April.

Concentrating on LG’s unique and our favourite screen tech, OLED, the (pictured) insanely 4mm slim wall mounting 77” W8 OLED tops out at A$19,990, more affordably the range starts at A$4,099.00 with the 55” C8 OLED.

The LG W8 SIGNATURE AI ThinQ™ (Wallpaper) TV features an impossibly thin OLED display that sits on the wall on a magnetic bracket measuring at 4mm. 

These are without doubt the best pictures we have seen from a screen so far this year, fabulous pictures at fabulous prices, but not bad for cutting-edge technology. If budgets are tight, 2017 sets can currently be had at great prices and if you can wait a bit, these models will undoubtedly drop in price as the year progresses.

The LG OLED E8 AI ThinQ™ TVs feature Picture-on-Glass OLED displays.

LG have sold OLED in the Australian market since 2013 and over the course of five years, the company has continued to enhance its display technology and offer a variety of different designs and sizes. There are now seven LG OLED TV models for the Australian market in 2018, full pricing below.

This year’s headline features include expanded HDR, ThinQ AI and a new intelligent processor, the α9 (Alpha 9)

The α9 (Alpha 9) processor is hugely powerful allowing a whole new level of picture processing. The four-step process of noise reduction, which is twice as many steps as previous models uses an algorithm allowing for greater control to boost the clarity of images affected by distracting artefacts, for more effective rendering of smooth gradations. 

The processor also improves colour performance with advanced Look Up Table (LUT) mapping capabilities that bring colours closer to the original content. The processor is designed to support a high frame rate (HFR) producing smoother and clearer motion images at 120 frames per second.

All models support Dolby Vision, Technicolor HLG and HDR10 4K Cinema HDR

HDR10 “open” format is the current industry standard for High Dynamic Range in consumer TV. Dolby Vision™ is a premium, proprietary version of HDR. Dolby works directly with filmmakers at major Hollywood studios to create HDR video masters of blockbuster movies.

Working with the film technology industry, LG has added Advanced HDR by Technicolor, which carries additional dynamic HDR metadata, allowing flexibility in adapting signal to the characteristics of a display in a much more accurate manner than with HLG and HDR10.

LG AI ThinQ™ Technology – Talk To The TV

Using advanced Natural Language processing (NLP) users can speak naturally, and the TV will understand intentions and the context of the questions, actioning a diverse range of natural expressions like: “Volume up”, “Raise up the Volume”, “Make the TV louder”, “Sound is too quiet” and more. Connected to its cloud server, ThinQ can listen to natural language and constantly increases its understanding of new expressions.

We tried “Play Altered Carbon on Netflix” and it worked perfectly, a massive improvement on the normal 17 button pushes and text box searches. Nice to see AI doing something really usable.

Even better, you can throw away the instruction book as the LG AI products will learn from users to provide the best services, access to intelligent content information, search Electronic Programme Guide or casts, and even let the TV turn itself off when a program ends, without setting a specific time.

About OLED

Through the elimination of a backlight, each pixel in an LG OLED TV has the ability to turn on and off creating a perfect black screen and producing vivid, life-like images comprising of more than one billion colours. This creates contrast on the screen at its finest detail.  

The Prices

  • LG 77” W8 OLED TV OLED77W8PTA - $19,990
  • LG 65” W8 OLED TV OLED65W8PTA - $9,999
  • LG 65” E8 OLED TV OLED65E8PTA - $7,699
  • LG 55” E8 OLED TV OLED55E8PTA - $4,999
  • LG 77” C8 OLED TV OLED77C8PTA - $14,990
  • LG 65” C8 OLED TV OLED65C8PTA - $6,399
  • LG 55” C8 OLED TV OLED55C8PTA - $4,099

For more information visit LG.

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