Posted on 24th June, 2019


Newcomers and Australian creators of the world-class Heschl HAL350 Integrated Amplifier have joined forces with well-established speaker manufacturer Lenehan Audio for this year's 2019 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show.

Queensland-based Heschl Audio Labs emerged onto the market this year, backed by three confessed audiophiles. A long-time friend of Heschl's principals, Mike Lenehan, owner of Lenehan Audio, commented on the HAL350:

I have recently had the opportunity to have a listen to the Heschl HAL350 in my factory reference system . Ok just a quick history, Rod Harris the designer has been bringing me his prototypes for about three years now. Starting with the 300watt per channel power amp! It was a good amp from the first prototype, and perhaps within the top five or six amps I had heard.

StereoNET recently reviewed the Heschl Audio Labs HAL350, concluding:

Heschl Audio Labs deserves a standing ovation, and the tireless work devoted to making the HAL350 sound the way that it does should be celebrated. 

The Heschl Audio Labs HAL350 is available now and sells for AUD $24,999 RRP.

Lenehan Audio's creations have been widely regarded as one of the very best small-format speakers and enjoy success throughout Australian and exported all over the world.

Mike Lenehan

Heschl and Lenehan will combine forces to deliver a memorable musical experience in Room 1209, October 18-20 at the Pullman Hotel, Queens Road, Albert Park. Tickets are on sale now.

For more information, visit Heschl Audio Labs | Lenehan Audio | StereoNET Hi-FI Show.

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