Posted on 20th August, 2017

In many ways, Lenehan Audio flies under the radar. But that’s no reflection on the quality of the loudspeakers designed and produced by Mike Lenehan from his Queensland factory.

In fact, Lenehan Audio is one of the HiFi industry’s best kept secrets. Just have a conversation with Mike and you’ll realise he’s the real deal; living, breathing, speaking – all things HiFi and audio.

As Mike's already affordable range of loudspeakers (by comparison) that includes ML1 and M2 stand-mount speakers, the ML3 floor-standing model, and all their ‘limited’ and ‘reference’ iterations have spread throughout the world, Lenehan wanted to deliver just one more range. Kits.

For many years now DIY audiophiles have been asking for a version of the stand-mount speaker that they can assemble and finish themselves. The great news is that following the very discussion that started here on StereoNET's forums in November 2014, the Lenehan Audio LK1 Kit Speaker is now available.

After exhaustive testing, measuring and design changes with an ambition to produce a very high-quality loudspeaker that hits a certain price-point, the end result is a conventional 2-way, rear-ported Mini Monitor with a 32mm MDF front baffle and top plate.

Lenehan Audio LK1 Kit Loudspeakers

The rest of the enclosure is produced from 18mm MDF, featuring 12mm ply bracing, 2 x 25mm hardwood and 2 x 12mm dowel differential braces. The cabinets are also lined with high density memory foam.

The LK1 loudspeaker enclosure measures 325x170x295mm (HWD) and comes supplied with magnetic grills.

The crossover network features an electrical 2nd order filter utilising a 12AWG hand wound air cored inductor with a super low 0.193ohm DCR. The high pass filter is a quasi 3rd order using Metalised Polypropelene caps and a hand wound 20AWG air core inductor. Resistors are low TC Metal oxides and internal wiring is dual 24AWG solid core (CAT6).

Lenehan enthusiastically added:

How do they measure? Absolutely impeccable. How do they sound? In a word, awesome! Bass is extended with more stomp than you could reasonably expect from a speaker this size, while the midrange and top end are three-dimensional and fast.

They are an easy 4ohm load so any decent solid state (or valve) amplifier will drive them from as little as 15 watts.

Mike has also published the measurements in the official discussion thread.

The first 10 pairs will be available for just $1000 as an introductory offer, returning to the $1200 RRP price once the first lot is sold. Prices exclude shipping.

The kit will come supplied with everything required to assemble the speakers, right down to the two different adhesive glues required. All that’s left is to decide on your “finish”.

More information:

The evolution of the Lenehan Audio LK1.
The official LK1 review discussion thread.

To order your pair, visit the Lenehan Audio brand page.


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