Lavardin Model IT Integrated Amplifier

Posted on 13th May, 2015

Lavardin Model IT Integrated Amplifier

Thanks to distributor Audio Magic, Lavardin from France, is now available in Australia.

First appearing on the market 15 years ago, Lavardin's Model IT integrated amplifier caused a buzz throughout European Hi-Fi circles.

Audio Magic's Managing Director, Aleksandar Maksimovic told StereoNET:

Since the early days the Model IT integrated amplifier has been regarded by music lovers and international audio press as the absolute world reference amplifier for sheer musical enjoyment and transparency : a true Living Legend.

Lavardin's research starts where the others give up.

Lavardin's IT is is the result of over a decade of research and thousands of hours of listening tests. The elegant flagship of the Lavardin Technologies range, IT is a minimalist design and uses extremely accurate, high performance memory free circuitry. It is operated manually and has a line level source selection for up to four unbalanced inputs, there's no remote and no phono facility here.

Lavardin Model IT Rear View

A purity and clarity that no other amplifier can achieve make the choice of the IT over competitors a natural one.

Lavardin's circuits rely on eliminating what the company calls “memory distortion”, a form of non-linear distortion in the time domain that is not recognised or measured elsewhere. The company suggests this distortion is inherently lower in tube amp designs compared to most solid-state models, and this is the secret to the continued success of tubes. Lavardin’s solid-state circuits claim to reduce this temporal distortion to as low as 1,000th that of other solid-state designs.

The Lavardin range has grown to include a more affordable integrated amplifier, two preamps, four power amps and a range of cables. There’s also a limited edition 15th anniversary amplifier that further improves upon the IT.


  • Inputs: 4 on gold plated high quality hand mounted cinch connector
  • Input impedance: 10Kohms
  • Input sensitivity: 330 millivolts
  • Output power: 2x55W RMS on 8 Ohms / maximum 2x105 W on 2 Ohms
  • Output impedance nominal 8 Ohms
  • Harmonic distortion 0,001% @ max output
  • Technology: High Speed and low Memory Distortion Solid State Circuits
  • Lavardin Technologies Design
  • Size (mm): H 135 L 430 D 340
  • Finish Black anodised and painted non magnetic high-grade aluminium
  • Weight 12 Kg per unit
  • Power consumption: 35 watts idle ; 400 watts maximum

Lavardin Model IT Integrated Amplifier is available now for $10,500 RRP.

Lavardin is distributed in Australia by Audio Magic.

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