Kyron Audio Wants Your Vote

Posted on 2nd June, 2014

Kyron Audio Wants Your Vote

Aussie audio company Kyron Audio, responsible for Kronos dipole loudspeakers that you may have seen in the press, has been nominated for a 2014 Melbourne Design Award, and they'd love your vote!

In case you missed it, Kronos is an extreme-fidelity music reproduction system. “Removing the speaker enclosure has allowed for an increase in sound quality and the ability to create a unique and beautiful form that is in itself an artistic expression. Kronos integrates the loudspeakers, amplifiers and preamplifiers into a synergistic system to create a plug and play home stereo experience unlike any other for the ears, eyes and soul.” Lee Gray, co-owner of Kyron Audio told StereoNET.

More information on the Kyron Audio products is available on their website.

'Open-baffle' speakers are certainly not new or cutting-edge. However what founders Gray and Suter have done is make it work, and make it look cool.

Employing cutting edge amplifier and DSP technology thanks to a collaboration with DEQX, and their own design knowledge and input, Kronos has certainly made some in audiophile circles stand up and take notice. All from a little town 50kms out of Melbourne, Bacchus Marsh.

StereoNET is all about supporting our home grown boutique manufacturers, we can't help but throw our support (and vote) behind Kyron Audio.

Go on, it won't cost you anything and it's a worthy cause! Register your vote by visiting the Melbourne Design Awards website and click on .

Good Luck Kyron, from the StereoNET team.

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