Posted on 25th May, 2017


Kuzma, one of the biggest names in the analogue audio world used the Munich High End show to debut two new cartridges and another version of the famed 4Point tonearm.

While the original 4Point (11”) launched in 2008 is still proclaimed by many as the best tonearm ever, last year saw the release of the even bigger 14” version.

The reduced tracking error of a longer tonearm, and whatever other magic Franc Kuzma injected into it, has seen many of those lucky enough to be able to accommodate it, update their existing 4 Point tonearm.

Not to miss another segment of the market, Frank Kuzma in his wisdom has now launched the 4Point 9” tonearm. It comprises all the terrific 4Point bearing innovation and many of the design features of the original, but in a slimmed down build and 229mm effective length.

Kuzma 4Point 9

The separate VTA tower found on the 11” and 14” versions has been replaced with a different VTA/SRA adjustment mechanism, but still maintains the removable head-shell, azimuth adjustment and 4 Point bearing.

According to Kuzma, some other brands of suspended design turntables could not bear the >2kg mass of the original 4point. The new 4Point 9” tonearm weighs in at less than half the total mass of the original at just 920g and has an effective mass of 13g.

Finally, the new 9” 4Point features a new and improved finish that may also be applied to the 11” and 14” 4Point tonearms in the future.

Local pricing for the Kuzma 4Point 9” is not yet confirmed but expected to be around AUD $5000.

Kuzma Cartridge Range

Alongside the new tonearm, Kuzma also announced a new flagship Moving Coil Cartridge to their comprehensive cartridge line-up. The CAR-60 features a full Diamond Cantilever, Micro-ridge Stylus and Silver wound coil.

With the use of the very rigid diamond in the most critical part of the cartridge, Kuzma says this helps lift reproduction performance to another level.  

CAR-60 arrives following the newly released CAR-20H, a high output version of the entry level CAR-20, featuring a 2mV output.

CAR-20H delivers a quality of musical reproduction normally reserved for MC cartridges to music lovers whose MM phono inputs do not have enough gain to use MC cartridges. Conveniently, CAR-20H connects directly to an MM phono input or MC inputs with insufficient gain.

StereoNET will take a closer look at all three products later in the year as they become available.

Local pricing for the cartridges has not yet been confirmed.

For more information visit the Kuzma brand page.

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