Kordz Moves to Advance Audio

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by Marc Rushton

9th August, 2016

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Kordz Moves to Advance Audio

You might have heard of Kordz cables. What you may not have known is that despite being well known and sold worldwide, they're actually an Australian company. Kordz was founded in Australia in 2003 and is still located in Seaford, Victoria. Their aim from their inception was "to address the specific needs of the custom and commercial AV installation community by delivering dependable high definition connectivity solutions".

Local distributor Advance Audio, with an impressive portfolio including Linn, Wilson Audio, ARCAM and many more, have today announced they have been appointed as the sole distributors of Kordz cables within Australia.

Kordz has evolved into a well-respected, multi-award winning brand, specialising particularly in reliable long reach HDMI since becoming an HDMI Adopter member in 2005. They utilise research and development facilities in Australia, Canada and Taiwan.

Every Kordz HDMI cable model is purpose engineered to be application specific. This is particularly so in the distinction between short (≤5m) and long (>5m) lengths where they inherently differ in electrical and mechancial properties.

Teaming up with Advance Audio Australia, Kordz have said that they aim to bring quality products to the AV market at an affordable price with full local support. This partnership combines over 30 years of experience in the AV industry.

More information: Advance Audio | Kordz


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