Kii Audio THREE Active Speakers Arrive Downunder

Posted on 1st August, 2016

Kii Audio THREE Active Speakers Arrive Downunder

Active speakers, described as loudspeakers with in-built amplifiers, are certainly gaining ground in popularity in recent times. One newcomer to the market, Kii Audio from Germany have recently released the model THREE which is now available in Australia.

Australian distributor and Pure Music Group's Managing Director, Warwick Freemantle told StereoNET:

This compact system delivers truly high-end sound, in what looks like a lifestyle package. However, with this small wonder there is more than meets the eye… What may look like an unassuming pair of stand mount speakers at first sight, is really an audiophile listening pleasure, that outperforms larger and more expensive systems with ease. We're really impressed!

Each Kii THREE contains six channels of DSP, D/A conversion and N-Core power amplification. The AD/DA circuitry of the THREE’s signal processing board is entirely inaudible, which Pure Music Group sayd is “a feat not duplicated by the most expensive audiophile standalone units.”

Alongside the Active Wave Focusing filters, the DSP is responsible for keeping the drive units within their safe operating range, by gently adapting the filters instead of brutally limiting the signal. This allows the THREE to play significantly louder and cleaner than much bigger traditional designs.

On the input side, there is a choice of analogue and digital inputs. All digital inputs are up-sampled and re-clocked, using Kii’s own jitter rejection algorithm. This guarantees actual “bits is bits” audio performance for any digital source.

Freemantle continued:

The clarity, the impressive phase/time response and, most importantly, the acoustical behaviour in the room, lets the listener become immersed into the magical experience of a great recording. More so than many of the best conventional (passive) setups are able to, all the innovations inside this speaker serve one single purpose: To be more truthful to the music!

The Kii THREE is a high-end HiFi system you will use every day, on every occasion and for a plethora of applications! Combined with an Antipodes Audio music server or other one box digital streamer, you have a complete HiFi system in three boxes, simple as that!

Kii Audio THREE is available now for $16,950 RRP in high gloss white. Other colours and stands are available as options.

For more information visit Pure Music Group.

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