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Talk about a mighty effort! In what can only be described as heroic, leading Australian audio-video importer Radiance AV is amassing $600K of the world's finest audio gear for you to enjoy at this year's Melbourrne International Hi-Fi Show, organised by StereoNET.

Heading the line-up of prestige gear will be Kharma’s utterly astounding Veyron EV5 speaker that is priced at $262,500.

Kharma Veyron EV-4 shown above.

To be sure, that’s a lot of moolah, but then again the EV5 is a lot of speaker, and what’s more, these handcrafted masterpieces are as rare as drakes’ teeth or bare Eskimo bums during a raging polar blizzard.

Charles Van Oosterum, KharmaThe exquisitely styled EV5 cabinets are fashioned using 5-axis CNC-milled billets. Though massive, these speakers are decoupled from their physical placement with a minimum contact surface provided by Carborundum balsa resting on diamonds.

This precious mineral theme extends to the drivers that include 1-inch diamond concave tweeters, 2-inch diamond concave midranges and a pair of 7-inch Kharma Omega-F drivers.

Specs are equally impeccable. Audition the EV5, and you’ll experience a frequency response starting at 25 Hz and stretching to 90kHz.

The $140,000 Kharma Exquisite preamp and $70,000 Kharma Exquisite mono amps will drive the EV-5.

Acoustic Signature Novum

The room will also have a $29,900 Acoustic Signature Novum turntable fitted with a $4,300 12-inch TA2000 tonearm and $15,000 Soundsmith Strain Gauge cartridge. If you want to know more about Soundsmith and the Strain Gauge, be sure to book your free ticket to Soundsmith's founder, Peter Ledermann, Live Seminar, streamed live from USA.

Soundsmith cartridges you’ll see at the show include the $999 MMP-3, $1,499 MCP-2, $6300 Pau, $2,750 Zephyr MIMC and the more affordable $750 Otello.

Digital audio will be superbly represented by the horde of Chord Electronics models that Radiance will be displaying.

Chord Electronics John Franks, Robert Watts, Melbourne Australia
Chord Electronics' Founder John Franks (left), Digital Audio Consultant Robert Watts (right) in the StereoNET Melbourne Office (2017)

We're heading straight for the $17,000 Chord DAVE DAC that will be married to the brand's $16,000 Chord’s Blu2 transport, while a selection of other offerings will also be on display.

Chord's DAVE has been described as one of the very best DACs money can buy, and many show attendees will be making a beeline to Radiance’s room to hear why. The name stands for “Digital to Analogue Veritas in Extremis”, and we like that.

Chord Electronics DAVE Colour Display

The Radiance room hasn’t fudged on cables or racks either. Attend, and you’ll sample the $20,000 Analysis Plus Gold cables, and some of the world's most beautiful racks from Italy's Basscontinuo.

Now you know why we’re reserving a spot in this room. There's not much left to do but to buy your tickets. See you there!

Visit Radiance AV in Rooms M3 and M4 (Level 1), Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show, October 12-14, 2018. 65 Queens Road, Albert Park.

For more information visit Radiance AV.


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