Kharma Lands at Sydney Hi-Fi

Posted on 15th August, 2014

Kharma Lands at Sydney Hi-Fi

Kharma, founded in 1982 by Charles van Oosterum in the Netherlands and cherished by discerning audiophiles throughout Europe, has finally touched down in Australia.

Sydney Hi-Fi in Castle Hill are renowned for providing solutions for their customers from basic wireless audio streaming, right through to the ultra high-end of two channel audio. With the arrival of Kharma through Australian distributor Radiance Audio Visual, Sydney Hi-Fi have nearly completed their 'Kharma Lounge', showcasing the Kharma Exquisite Midi loudspeakers ($115,100.00 RRP).

“Creating a Kharma Exquisite loudspeaker is a very long process. Looking for the perfect shape, materials and sound… that sense of graceful elegance you would expect from a handcrafted loudspeaker. The far-reaching attention to detail makes this speaker range a class of its own. This becomes crystal clear by the Diamond tweeter which is standard in the Exquisite Collection. This all is the result of our unique reputation and style, which is realized by a team of highly dedicated and committed specialists”, according to Kharma's designers.

The new Kharma Exquisite Midi is said to be built and designed without compromise. Every part of this speaker, from the extreme dense HPL-plates to the smallest details has a function in the complex process of creating ultra high-end sound.

The Kharma Lounge features Kharma's Matrix MP-150 Mono Amplifiers ($8,500.00 RRP), Matrix Pre-Amplifier ($7,700.00 RRP), Elegance DB9 ($45,700.00 RRP) and S7 ($24,600.00 RRP) Speakers, and of course the Exquisite Midi loudspeakers. The Lounge also features Kharma cabling.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Just like a genuine piece of art, a painting, a sculpture can evoke the special feeling of true beauty in the eyes of the beholder. So, not in everyone, just in the one that already has realized this beauty in her/himself and is ready for the next step. This is how we see a Kharma product, evoking feelings of beauty, deep emotions, by offering a time window to the artistic performance. The subtle vibrations that a Kharma music system offers are capable of stirring up these deep personal emotions. This has to be experienced to be believed. Just as it is not possible to describe the taste of a strawberry to someone, who has never eaten a strawberry in his life. Don’t take these words for granted experience for yourself; Let go, Indulge and Enjoy an endless journey beyond imagination”, Charles van Oosterum, CEO of Kharma.

Sydney Hi-Fi welcomes readers to drop in to audition the Kharma Lounge. An exclusive StereoNET member night will also be organised very soon so stay tuned for more information.

For more information visit Sydney Hi-Fi.
Sydney Hi-Fi StereoNET Forum.

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