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27th October, 2017


Legacy speaker brand KEF was busier than a bartender in a heatwave at the recent CEDIA expose in San Diego recently, launching a horde of new models.

Along with showcasing many new products, KEF debuted a natty trio of spanking new, trouser flapping capable subwoofers.

The range is neatly called the KUBE and it’s populated by the $1399 KUBE 12b, $1199 KUBE 10b and $999 KUBE 8b.

With a little foresight, it’s clear the model numerals refer to the size of the driver in each KUBE. So it’s a 12-inch driver for the 12b, 10-inch for the 10b and a prize for anyone who guesses the 8b must carry an 8-inch driver. Duh.

KEF Kube Subwoofers

Still, it’s full marks to KEF’s overworked marketing team who came up with the model name and model designations for the neat, KUBE range keeping it all nice and simple for consumers.

The trio of KUBEs features a sophisticated DSP preamplifier, 300-watt amplifier, and front firing low-frequency drivers.

Internally KEF engineers have opted to give each sub the brand’s Smart Compression Limiting technology that allows the DSP to understand the incoming signal and activate the compression mode to ensure there’s no amplifier clipping.

Smart Compression’s other feature is to keep the driver in its linear operating range. Very clever technology, indeed.

Each KUBE sub also carries KEF’s Smart Connect, a feature allowing automatic volume adjustment when an LFE or stereo input is in use.

And yes, the user interface for each sub includes three customisable EQ settings for freestanding, corner, wall and in cabinet positioning.

The KEF KUBE range is available now.

For more information visit KEF.

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