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by Peter Familari

10th May, 2017


Naysayers, who believed that KEF’s takeover/buyout by the Gold Peak Group would steal this legacy brand’s soul, were mistaken.

KEF is alive and well and releasing desirable speakers at a rate of knots.

As for continuity, what could be better than the 8th generation of the brand’s hugely successful Q Series speakers?

As to why this series has survived so long look no further than KEF’s formula that offers buyers a sophisticated and great sounding speaker for mid-price money.

Available in July, the Q Series has something for everyone. The range comprises the Q150 and Q350 bookshelf models, the Q550, Q750 and Q950 floorstanders and the Q650c centre speaker.

Kef Q Series

The 8th generation of the Q Series isn’t an exercise involving a superficial makeover. Each model will have KEF’s signature Uni Q driver enhanced by a new Damped Tweeter Loading tube and a new, low-distortion inductor on each crossover.

The benefits KEF says, comprise an improved lower treble performance and cleaner, tauter bass.

Other changes model by model are significant. The Q150 and Q350 bookshelves’ port is now on the rear of the cabinet and the Uni-Q drivers now in the middle of the cabinet. The former tweak yields midrange leakage via the port and the latter cuts back on unwanted resonances.

The three floorstanders have drivers with bigger roll surrounds and new spiders for better bass. Additionally their Auxiliary Bass Radiator has an improved surround and a new rear suspension.

The sound of the Q Series goes up a notch via the removal of a DC blocking capacitor.

The Q650c centre speaker has a new crossover component it shares with all the Q Series models.

The Q Series comes in a choice of black or white finishes, the overall styling is contemporary. The models have a seamless baffle and magnetic grilles are a handy option.

Local pricing has not yet been confirmed.

For more information visit the KEF brand page.

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