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by Marc Rushton

14th September, 2017


There’s two products that I’ve really, really enjoyed in recent times. KEF’s LS50 Wireless, still the prime contender for StereoNET’s 'Product of the Year' 2017 and our review from earlier this year already attracting more than 20,000 pairs of eyeballs, is without doubt numero uno.

Second only by order and not significance is the hands-down leader in music library management and streaming, Roon.

If you’ve yet to experience Roon with its rapidly growing list of hardware partners, grab a free 14-day trial now from

When I reviewed the LS50W earlier this year my only criticism was minor, and it was software related. I sat back and thought at the time, what if the LS50 Wireless was compatible with Roon allowing me to use my software and interface of choice? The LS50 Wireless would simply be a giant killer.

I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with KEF representatives on a few occasions this year both in Australia and at their HQ location, Hong Kong.

I was even fortunate enough to spend a good hour listening to music with Victor LO Chung Wing, the Chairman and Chief Executive of Gold Peak who own KEF, in their HK showroom. A truly humble and gracious man and an audiophile at heart, I recall a conversation about the LS50 Wireless. He jokingly commented that when he heard the final product, he wondered how they’d ever sell any other KEF speakers now!

And while I’ve been pressuring KEF themselves and their local distributor Advance Audio for confirmation on the speculation that Roon would be coming to the LS50 Wireless, knowing smiles and nods was about all I could extract.

Perhaps finally putting rest to the speculation, according to the go-to man for all things digital in audio, John Darko of Digital Audio Review (DAR), last week teased that at CEDIA in San Diego on the weekend that the LS50 Wireless and Roon would finally meet and become one.

While we're yet to get any form of official acknowledgment or press info on this (we have asked), Roon forum user Beau Randall posted these working shots to the Roon Community:

KEF LS50 Wireless Roon Ready

According to DAR:

Within the next few weeks Roon will begin rolling out a software update that will enable the streaming to the LS50 Wireless. No update to the KEF speakers will be required.

Early speculation suggests the LS50W will not use Roon’s Advanced Audio Transport (RAAT) so for now, it does remain to be seen how they will interface with Roon.

In any case, this is big news for current and future owners of KEF LS50 Wireless speakers. For now, we wait.

With reports that LS50 Wireless stock in Australia is sold out (don't worry, we're told there's more on their way), we're sure demand for this incredibly versatile and ever-evolving HiFi "system" will only continue to increase.

For more information visit the KEF brand page.

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