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by Marc Rushton

3rd July, 2017


16,000 readers in 4 months. That’s what our KEF LS50 Wireless speaker review has attracted to date, making it the most popular StereoNET product review this year.

I’m really not surprised as it’s practically the product we’ve been waiting for.

I wonder if KEF’s founder, Raymond Cooke, ever envisioned what a highly successful KEF branded speaker would look like nearly 60 years on from founding the company? I suspect he didn’t imagine an amplifier grafted into the back of one of his small broadcast monitor speakers.

Either way, there’s no chance he had the foresight to imagine that such a speaker would be wireless, could be controlled from a smartphone or tablet, and would stream high-resolution recordings from the other side of the world. No chance at all.

Thanks to evolution and Cooke’s legacy, KEF has continued to thrive over the decades and the LS50 Wireless may just go down in history as one of their greatest successes. Perhaps future generations will look back on this one like we now do on the famous LS3/5A monitors?

The KEF LS50 Wireless represents high-fidelity sound at a modest and realistic investment of $3,799. Keep in mind that price includes a pair of high quality speakers that can be configured for stand-mount or sideboard positioning, a high-quality DAC, integrated amplifier, and network streamer.

Right now, there’s yet another bonus to entice you. The next 60 purchasers (at time of writing – and only from authorised Australian retailers) of this fine product will also receive a complimentary 90-day subscription to Tidal HiFi (giving you access to Tidal’s content in CD quality 16Bit/44kHz ‘lossless’ stream, and now also the 24Bit/96kHz Tidal MQA stream).

Local dealers will give you all the details on how to redeem your subscription online.

Like I said in my review earlier this year on the LS50 Wireless:

If I was starting my HiFi journey again, the KEF LS50 Wireless would be my first choice. Similarly, if I was downsizing from big floor-standing speakers and multiples of components, it would still be my choice.

HiFi made simple, and affordable.

For more information visit the KEF brand page.

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