Kanga 6SE from Legend Acoustics

Posted on 24th February, 2014

Kanga 6SE from Legend Acoustics

Most people don’t realise the depth of Dr. Rod Crawford’s impeccable audio credentials. What they do know is he is the head designer of Legend Acoustic, the quality speaker company he created several years ago.

Before Legend Acoustics, Dr. Crawford worked with Linn, the Scottish based hi-end manufacturer.

Legend Kanga 6SELegend Acoustics speakers continue to delight music lovers and thrill audiophiles with their hi-end sound and reasonable price. Both groups will be even happier to hear that Dr. Crawford has beavered away to bring forth another masterpiece - a special edition of the best selling Kanga 6 model called obviously, the Kanga 6 SE.

Higher spec drivers have been carefully chosen for the Kanga SEs but the cabinet remains the way it is on the existing Kanga 6, which will continue to attract a discerning surround sound buyer. Legend says the new 130mm bass/mid drivers which use Norecx non-resonant polymer-coated Papyrus-fibre cones and high-damping SBR rubber surrounds and rigid aluminium-alloy cast frame, sound more transparent.

The tweeter carried by the Kanga SE is a ring-radiator model with a dome fixed at the centre to ameliorate distortion at the upper limits of the treble.

Crawford prefers hard-wired crossovers, air-cored inductors, polypropylene capacitors and non-inductive wire-wound resistors. are used. And as with all of Legends range the Kanga 6SE is built in Australia and feature light oak and black-stained Oak.

Size is 420×230×170mm (HDW) and RRP $1,990

For further information, please contact Legend Acoustics.

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