Kaleidescape Impresses at International HiFi Show

Posted on 7th July, 2016

Kaleidescape Impresses at International HiFi Show

Kaleidescape's Native 4K Strato player featured in Entertaining Environments $100,000 Dolby Atmos cinema impressed attendees of the Melbourne International HiFi Show.

Featured in the $100,000 Dolby ATMOS Cinema by Entertaining Environments, the Strato player is part of Kaleidescape's new Encore range and is the world's first 4K UltraHD high-dynamic-range movie player.

One of the Strato player's most impressive features is its ability to play movies in true 4K UltraHD without any startup delays, buffering messages or quality drops, issues that can be common with streaming services. The Strato's playback quality also matches and can even surpass that of commercial movie theatres.

Many service providers touting 4K content are capping their streaming bitrates at 16Mbps, so naturally Strato's local playback, with bitrates at up to 100Mbps, will deliver better picture and sound quality.

The Strato player also supports lossless multi-channel audio including Dolby ATMOS ensuring a fully immersive audio experience.

Tony Mammone, Operations Manager for Entertaining Environments told StereoNET:

We were very excited to feature the Kaleidescape Strato player as part of our 4K UltraHD and ATMOS demonstration at the Melbourne International HiFi Show. The addition of this impressive product only enhances what was already a very exciting proposition for show attendees.

Our demonstrations took place every hour across all three days, and each session was fully booked from the show's opening on Friday right through to close on Sunday.

The Strato can be purchased with or without a 6TB internal hard drive that can store up to 100 4K UltraHD movies, 150 BluRay quality movies or 900 DVD quality movies. If purchased without internal storage the Strato player will playback from a movie server residing within the Kaleidescape eco-system. The Strato is available now for $8,499 RRP.

For more information visit Entertaining Environments.

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