John Grado Honoured with Founder’s Award

Posted on 9th January, 2017

John Grado Honoured with Founder’s Award

Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society, thought to be the largest audio society in the world with over 2000 members and 24 years of operation, have announced their annual Founder's Award for 2017.

The Founder's Award is the highest honor the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society bestows annually on the one individual in fine audio bringing excellence and achievement to audiophiles worldwide and is at the top of their industry.

The Society’s Board of Directors awards the Founder’s Award annually to those professionals in the high end who continue to advance fine musical reproduction in the home and distinguish themselves as the best in their profession.

John Grado is the winner of the Founder's Award from the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society, it was announced today by The Society.

The nephew of Joseph Grado, who founded Grado Labs in 1953, John started at age twelve in the factory. His hands-on education resulted in him becoming president and CEO in 1990. It was John who created and released Grado’s first line of headphones that the Brooklyn company is known for today.

Grado FamilyJohn Grado (left) and family

A true American success story that is rooted in the Grado family entrepreneurial DNA has Italian immigrants establishing themselves in Brooklyn at the turn of the 20th century.

Grado Labs have remained true to their roots and their rich heritage as a world-respected HiFi manufacturer. They've continued to evolve through the decades, delivering relevant and high quality products.

Previous recipients of the award include Bob Carver, President of Bob Carver Audio (2016) Harry Weisfeld, founder of VPI Industries (2015), Chad Kassem, President of Acoustic Sounds (2014), Robert Harley, editor in chief, of The Absolute Sound (2013), Tim de Paravicini, President of E.A.R. of Great Britain (2012), Richard Vandersteen, President of Vandersteen Audio (2011), Keith Johnson, Executive Producer of Reference Recordings (2010), and EveAnna Manley, President of Manley Labs (2009).

The Founder's Award will be awarded at the 24th Annual Gala and Awards Ceremony in John Grado's honor in Los Angeles on December 3, 2017. The trophy that will be awarded to Grado is specially produced by the same company that created the Oscar for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Congratulations to John Grado, and Grado Labs.

Grado is distributed in Australia by Busisoft AV.



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