Jetson-style Home Automation Promised

Posted on 29th August, 2014

Jetson-style Home Automation Promised

It was once purely in the realm of science fiction, but the automated home is now possible. Utah-based home automation firm Control4 reminds us that in the 1960s futuristic animated sitcom 'The Jetsons', no one ever had to adjust anything. Lights, air conditioning and everything else adjusted automatically to their optimal settings.

Control4 Home Automation allows just that: your music and other home entertainment, heating and cooling, lighting and security can all be controlled by one system, allowing you to spend your time and energy on the things in life far more important to you.

Australian distributor for Control4, Advance Audio Australia, can build an intuitively controlled home automation system for you, based on Control4 products and technology, starting at around $2,000. Your system can start modestly and grow in capability over time. In addition to automation the systems offer control, not just from within the house but from wherever you might be anywhere in the world.

A Control4 central controller acts like the operating system of your home, operating all the other devices in the system, while providing an easy to use interface so that everything does what you want it to. That can include having lights switch on automatically as you enter a room, and off again as you leave. And a heating and cooling system that has your home warm for you when you get home, without wasting energy while the house is empty.

There are plenty of options, too, for wireless control, including with apps for Android and iOS phones and tablets, or from a computer.

For more information Control4 home automation visit Advance Audio Australia.

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