iTunes to get Apple’s Till Singing in Australia

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by Peter Familari

14th February, 2014

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iTunes to get Apple’s Till Singing in Australia

Apple fanboys and girls are celebrating the arrival of iTunes Radio in Australia. The US has had the service for yonks and Australia is first cab off the international rank to also share in Apple’s streaming music service.

You can expect to choose from about 100 preconfigured stations and if you so desire conjour up additional stations using your fave songs that you can playback on the ability to create new ones based on your iPad, iPod Touch, PC, Mac or Apple TV.

There is a free level to Apple’s service but you’ll have to live with advertising. Nothing is entirely free is it?

But you can bypass the horde of ads by handing over a not unreasonable $34.99 per annum to Apple in a move that also includes the ability to park your tunes and jingles on Apple’s iCloud.

Either way, if you don’t like the tunes played by a station you can press the skip button at the rate of six songs per hour.

You also have the choice of buying a song or clicking on a star as a prompt that you want to heart similar music on that station.

iTunes and Apple’s command of first play rights from a huge number of artists will ensure its service has a head start over rival services.

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