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This weekend's Melbourne International HiFi Show has something for everyone.

Young or old, audiophile or audio video newbie, the show’s extensive range of the latest music and sound innovations will keep visitors enthralled for hours on end.

The show has plenty of giveaways, prizes to be won and gear that will be available at special and exclusive prices .

The world-class audio suites will feature a comprehensive range of makes and models ranging from the most affordable wireless streaming speakers, to Ferrari class speakers, amplifiers and turntables and vinyl records.

Novices to the addictive world of audiophile quality gear will also have an opportunity to chat to the audio industry’s most experienced consultants and designers.

The very best and brightest people mustered in one location, poised to answer all your questions is an opportunity not to be missed.

Vinyl is a pivotal feature of the International HiFi show that incorporates the Australian Record Fair for the duration of the show.

The fair is a unique opportunity to buy new and used records, music memorabilia and accessories from a handy number of Australia’s leading vendors.

Record buyers and collectors are ideally placed to buy an LP at the fair and ask to hear it played on one of the numerous turntables exhibited in many of the audio and music suites.

In recognition of headphones’ popularity right now, the show features one of the largest ever displays of headphones in Australia including huge ranges of Stax Electrostatic models, Beyerdynamic, Pioneer and Sennheiser, just to name a few.

Where else would you get an opportunity to listen to Sennheiser’s $75,000 flagship model, the HE-1. This headphone reaches dizzying heights in the treble and delves deep into bass frequencies.

One look at the Porsche-class finish and build quality of the HE-1’s will make you understand why this model has the lowest distortion ever measured in a sound reproduction system.

One of Australia's best headphone stores, Melbourne's Jaben Audio has an entire suite where you can hear hundreds of different models from 1MORE, FitEar, Audio-technica, Elemental Watson, and plenty of other brands.

Jaben Audio will also be offering on-the-spot instant prizes in the form of free headphones just by spending some time in their room, auditioning all they have to offer.

Follow the conga line at this year’s International Hi-Fi show and it will lead you to the BenQ room where the brand’s GS1 Portable Projector will dazzle by its picture quality despite its modest size.

The GS1 is so compact and light it can be carried in a hand. And “carried’’ is the right word for a high definition video projector that thanks to a powerful battery, is totally portable but still manages to generate 720p videos on screens up to 60-inches.

Australian audio brands are making their mark in a global market. REDGUM, an iconic amplifier and digital audio manufacturer will be highlighting its Black Series RGi35ENR integrated amplifier.

It will be making the sweetest music matched to the Australian made series of speakers manufactured and designed by Legend Acoustics. Legend will be demonstrating its desktop Legend mini speakers, Joey standmount speakers and the elite floorstanding Kamas distinguished by their incredibly lifelike sound quality.

Adelaide speaker brand Krix supplies many of the world’s leading recording studios and cinemas with its fine loudspeakers. Hear for yourself why the experts chose Krix.

Krix will be demonstrating a decent range of its well-regarded speakers with Australian DEQX digital processing, and driven by the Australian made Elektra power amplifiers that offer high-end sound quality at realistic and affordable prices.

Halcro is a world famous Adelaide based manufacturer and designer of audio equipment. There’s no more esoteric or uniquely styled range of electronics on the planet than Halcro and the great news is a new range will be launched at this year’s show.

Halcro has also setup its own independent record label and will use its suite and the Halcro lounge to debut its first vinyl record, an album by Australian singer/songwriter, Mary Webb. The first artist to sign on with Halcro Records, Mary Webb will perform songs of her new album live at this year’s show.

Specialist speaker brand Hulgich Audio, also from Adelaide, will unveil its Ella and Maestro models in its suite and visitors can hear what sets these low distortion, and ultra musical speakers apart from its rivals.

Melbourne’s SGR Audio will showcase its high-end CX4F MK2 4-way active speakers. These will be part of a sate-of-the-art audio system comprising MSB Reference DAC, Brinkman Bardo Turntable and a hand built SGR audio rack.

The CX4F is an imposing model designed and built in house by SGR including the amplifiers that employ a world-first technology called “current drive’’.

French brand Devialet's orb-shaped wireless, streaming self-powered speaker called the Phantom Gold is sure to attract a huge crowd of admirers.

Its compact chassis is exquisitely styled and finished but don’t be fooled. Internally it carries 4500 watts of amplification. What’s more, the Interdyn suite will be running five Phantom Golds as a 5.5 channel home cinema system.

Mcleans Hi-Fi, a leading retailer from Sydney’s central coast will join forces with Australian digital audio specialist, DEQX at this year’s show to exhibit a raft of electronics from DEQX, Aqua Acoustics, Linear Tube Audio, Spatial Audio, and DeVORE Fidelity.

DEQX will demonstrate a range of preamplifiers loaded with unique, patented calibration technology designed to scientifically lower speaker distortion whilst allowing any speaker to be integrated and tuned to any room.

Leading audio distributor Pure Music Group will have a not-to-be missed collection of top-shelf audio brands in its suite.

Get in early because Pure Music Group displays are sought after and it will be standing room only as visitors flock to see and hear gear from Antipodes Audio, Argento Audio, Audionet, Elektra, Gauder Acoustik, Kii Studio, Kuzma, Lyra, Mola Mola, Playback Designs, SME, T+A, TechDAS and Thales.

Legacy brand, Marantz will take the covers of its new flagship integrated amplifier called the PM10. This will be powering a pair of 70th anniversary version of the Klipsch LaScala speaker in the Qualifi show suite.

The PM10 is a dual mono model boasting 200 watts per channel of power. The latest version of the LaScala is a $32,000 speaker that is a horn loaded 3-way design with a folded horn 15-inch woofer, 2-inch midrange and a 1-inch tweeter.

Audio Active will be thrilling showgoers with the just released $34,999 Paradigm Persona 7H floorstanding loudspeaker. The Persona 7H is packed full of vanguard materials and carries the Canadian brand’s most advanced technologies.

The suite will also be demonstrating a select number of speakers by Vienna Acoustics. The Baby Beethoven Grand model will delight music lovers especially driven by Luxman high-end amplifiers.

New Zealand rivals Australia with its growing number of audio manufacturers pushing both design and sonic envelopes. Java HiFi will be displaying its eye arresting LDR preamplifiers, models that are very affordable but deliver top-shelf sound.

The LDR preamplifier is said to reproduce music with startling levels of realism complete with a natural tonal quality and seamless band of frequencies. Build quality features real, sustainable birch plywood and a casework CNC machined from a solid block of laminated birch plywood.

Sound Gallery is fast gaining a reputation as a destination store for music lovers on the hunt for quality affordable hi-fi gear in Melbourne. Its suite at this year’s show will be crammed full of desirable brands such as Micromega, Bel Canto, Franco Serblin, Gold Note, Solid Tech, Taoc, Digibit, Tara Labs, Weiss Engineering, Gigawatt, Audio Flight and Wilson Benesch.

Models that will have their Australian debut include Micromega’s M-100 integrated amplifier, Bel Canto’s Black ACI-600 all-in-one system controller and Gold Note’s Pianoso turntable.

Synergy Audio Visual’s suite will be a magnet for music lovers where Rega’s new Planar 6 turntable and Ania cartridge will premiere along with Elac’s new Adante compact speakers.

Affordable audio will be championed by the UK’s Cambridge Audio with its full range of new Azur 851 series of electronics on display. High-end components will include McIntosh amplifiers and CD transports driving a pair of formidable Sonus Faber Serafino Tradition floorstanding speakers finished in rich violin red.

This by no means exhaustive list of show highlights is just a tantalising glimpse of the plethora of makes, models and brands exhibiting at this year’s International HiFi show. There’s plenty more for the keen eyed novice and enthusiast to savour at the show at their leisure.

See you there!

There's still time to get your discounted tickets online here.

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