It’s Back To The Future For Definitive Technology

Posted on 7th November, 2016

It’s Back To The Future For Definitive Technology

In a deft move worthy of a quasi-clandestine black-ops manoeuvre, DEI Holdings, owner of speaker brand Definitive Technology flew audio journalists in to preview a new model range well before its official debut.

That was earlier this year. And the speaker range creating so much attention was the new bipolar speaker series called the BP9000.

Bipolar speakers have been a design principle for Definitive Technology from the brand’s inception. So it isn’t surprising to learn the BP9000 series is much, much more than a makeover.

Definitive Technology BP9000

The new range is comprehensive and as expected includes a $995 Dolby Atmos and DTS: X specified height speaker called the A90, four floor standers-the $2495 BP9020, $3495 BP9040, $4495 BP9060 and the $6995 BP9080X-three centre channel models-the CS9040, CS9060 and CS9080 as well as a pair of surrounds called the SR9040 and SR9080. The BP9000 speakers are now available in Australia.

The flagship BP9080X is a large speaker that incorporates two-way Dolby Atmos compatible height speakers built atop of each cabinet. Also onboard is a built-in 12-inch sub-woofer and dual bass radiators per speaker. Completing the driver array are three 5.25-inch midrange drivers and a pair of 1-inch metal dome tweeters for each speaker.

Built-in powered subwoofers are onboard the other three floor standers. They’re 8-inch subs in the BP9020 and 9040 and a 10-inch model for the BP9060.

Midrange in the BP9020 is handled by 3.5-inch drivers and the BP9060 uses 4.5-inch drivers. All four floor-standers utilise the same 1-inch metal dome tweeter.

And in a sophisticated style cue, the quartet let you know when they’re active using an illuminated letter ‘’D’’ that can be dimmed.

Definitive Technology BP9000 Family

Buyers of the three cheaper floor standers will be very pleased to hear they can the two-way A90 height speakers that are designed to fit into aluminum cradles on top of these models.

The trio of centre channel speakers is also well decked out with drivers. The CS9040 has bass radiators, the CS9060 adds an 8-inch powered subwoofer and the CS9080 has the passive radiators as well as the subwoofer. The CS9040 and CS9060 have dual 4.5-inch midrange drivers crossing over to a 1-inch metal dome tweeter. The flagship CS9080 adds 5.5-inch drivers along with the 1-inch metal dome tweeter.

The SR9040 and SR9060 surrounds carry the 1-inch metal dome tweeter and dual midrange drivers. These are 3.5-inch on the SR9040 and 4.5-inches on the SR9060.

Stylistically Definitive Technology has kept things minimalist with grill wraps that hide the drivers and aluminum platforms a feature of the bottom of the BP9000 series speakers. Thoughtfully and in a nod to differing home environments the speakers are packaged with spikes and non-floor scratching pads.

Definitive Technology is distributed in Australia by Advance Audio.

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