Posted on 14th March, 2017


UK's world leading designer and manufacturer of invisible speakers, Amina, have announced their speakers which are specified by top designers and architects worldwide are now available in Australia.

In a modern home many believe speakers should be heard but not seen, and that's what Amina Technologies have solved with their newly released Edge5 and Edge7 fully concealed loudspeakers.

Delivering ‘best in class’ audio performance with a staggering efficiency of 93dB, 1W/1m (Edge7) and 90dB, 1W/1m (Edge 5), the Edge series features a unique tapered perimeter which creates a truly powerful and dynamic invisible sound source for installation within walls or ceilings.

According to Amina, the key element in developing any diffuse source, wide frequency range, flat panel loudspeaker, is the choice of material used in the active flat panel surface of the loudspeaker. This forms the musical soundboard at the heart of Amina’s invisible speaker products and is critical in determining its efficiency and quality of audio output.

Amina Edge Speakers
We'd show you more photos, but there's really nothing to see!

Cameron MacKertich of Canohm who will distribute Amina Technologies in Australia told StereoNET:

The Amina Edge series has been designed with an all-new front panel material, developed over the last 4 years in collaboration with a European composite specialist. The panel uses a high performance glass-filled core, making it stiff and light enough to be acoustically efficient, and with enough damping to achieve extended low frequency energy which is perfect for high fidelity sound production.

A very high performance product best suited to a sophisticated AV system is the Edge7 which is capable of handling an astonishing 75W of continuous power. That’s a peak power handling of 150W which combined with 93dB 1W/1m efficiency provides a truly exceptional listening experience with zero visual intrusion. 

The Amina Edge5 is a simpler product suitable for less complex systems and can handle 50W continuous power, 100W peak. This is ideal for multiple speaker applications throughout a commercialor residential property.

One Edge series speakers are installed, the perimeter edge of the panel is shaped and tapered to allow joint tape and filler to be used in the same way as jointing two sheets of plasterboard. Once installed the Amina Edge product can be finished with paint, fabric or lightweight wallpaper.

Available now, Amina Edge speakers will retail for $1199 (Edge5) each and $1959 (Edge7) each.

For more information contact Canohm.

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