Introducing Australia’s Hulgich Audio

Posted on 9th August, 2016

Introducing Australia’s Hulgich Audio

One thing Australia can be proud of is our nation's array of home-grown HiFi brands. One of the latest to hit the scene is Adelaide's Hulgich Audio.

Nicolas HulgichHulgich Audio is the brand founded by Argentinian born Nicolas Hulgich. Growing up in Buenos Aires, his passion for music started at an early age with his parents and grandparents who embraced all forms of music, but with a particular passion for Jazz and Tango. Nicolas knew early on that music was a way of communicating emotion and its ability to move people in a passionate way.

Having built speakers as a hobby most of his life, it wasn't until he finally resided in South Australia that he knew it was time to offer all that he had learned along the way commercially. The four models in the Hulgich Audio range are passionately designed and painstakingly constructed by hand.

Hulgich told StereoNET:

My goal when starting this project was to offer the very best sound reproduction possible with the possibility of aesthetically customized our loudspeakers to the taste and needs of our clients.

Working with Stockholm, Sweden based acoustics expert Goran Nerus, regarded by some as one of the best loudspeaker designers in the world with over 30 years' experience, the collaboration has resulted in a product lineup that after more than five years development has exceeded both their expectations.

Each individual model in the range is the result of over 150 exacting measurements, and then later voiced by ear to the perfection of Hulgich.

We also believe that the aesthetic aspect of a loudspeaker is as important as its audio quality. Accordingly, we design our models having in mind a product that can be customized to the taste and aesthetic needs of our clients while still retaining the design lines that characterize Hulgich Audio products.

And aesthetically pleasing they are. It can be hard to stand out in the crowd of boutique manufacturers and emerging DIY-borne brands. The craftsmenship, refinement and attention to detail in the finish is second to none and stands proud next to just about any commercially manufactured loudspeaker in the world.

Hulgich Audio Mikro

The range begins with the Mikro, a compact yet powerful 2 way, rear ported loudspeaker. With a 4” paper woofer and 1” soft fabric dome tweeter, it is available in a range of finishes starting at $2340.00 RRP.

Serenade is the next step up, a larger format standmount 2 way, front ported speaker using a 6” paper cone woofer and 1.2” ring dome tweeter. It starts at $3850.00 RRP with optional matching stands available.

Hulgich Audio Serenade

Ella is the base model floorstanding speaker, offering a dynamic contrast and harmonic expression similar to larger systems but within a smaller footprint.

Hulgich Audio Ella

Hulgich continues:

The Ella has been designed in honour of the oft referred-to “Queen of Jazz”, the legendary Ella Fitzgerald.  Her sweet silvery voice, wide-ranging and endlessly inventive vocal improvisations made her the most celebrated jazz vocalist of her generation.

This pair of loudspeakers proudly pays homage to the Queen of Jazz by featuring tonal audio accuracy, which, incidentally, is something found in speakers with much higher price tags.

The 3 way rear ported Ella uses two 6” paper cone woofers, a 4” paper cone midrange driver and the same 1.2” ring dome tweeter used in the Serenade. Rated at 120w with a frequency response of 34Hz-23kHz, Ella is available in a range of finishes starting from $7100.00 RRP.

Hulgich Audio Astor

The Astor is the flagship loudspeaker in the Hulgich Audio product range.

Regardless of the type of music played through, the Astor driver’s integration reveals new layers of detail and subtlety that makes the reproduction of music sound as much like the real thing. The clarity and speed of transients experienced in live music, and the ability to accurately reproduce the structure and propagation of overtones that reveal the distinct character of a voice or instrument is all precisely reproduced by the Astor loudspeaker.

Hulgich's passion is clear when he speaks of the inspiration for the Astor model, designed in honour of master Argentinian composer and musician Astor Piazzola.

His opus, comprising more than 1000 works, a characteristic career and an undoubtedly Argentinian flavor, continues to influence the best musicians in the world of all generations. A career characterized by his aesthetic power and his unique style, almost in a league of its own. It is all about the “language” he created, which is unique and can be identified as his and only his. With heterogeneous and rebellious elements (Jazz, classical music, experiments in sound) he produced a unique music under the drastic pulse of his Tango.

Astor stands 1.17m tall, constructed from a heavily braced 25mm MDF cabiner with 45mm MDF front baffle. A 3 way transmission line bass design, it features a 10” hard paper cone with rigid cast aluminium chassis, a 6.5” midrange driver and 1” low mass, soft dome tweeter. It features silver plated copper internal wiring and uses Mundorf and Jantzen crossover components.

Astor is available in a range of finishes, starting at $10,500 RRP.

In just a matter of weeks Hulgich Audio has attracted lots of interest from local enthusiasts. Auditions are available now in Adelaide, along with Melbourne soon, and dealer enquiries are most welcome.

We look forward to seeing and hearing more of Hulgich Audio and wish them every success.

For more information visit Hulgich Audio.

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