Holton Audio Launch Flagship Ex Nihilo Amplifiers

Posted on 6th July, 2016

Holton Audio Launch Flagship Ex Nihilo Amplifiers

Australia is fortunate to have some of the greatest names in HiFi call Australia home. Anthony Holton, owner of Holton Audio and based in Tasmania has been designing and selling his amplifiers around the world for more than 20 years.

Launched for the first time at the Melbourne International HiFi Show in July, the Ex Nihilo mono block class AB power amplifier is the result of more than 20 years of uninterrupted research in the field of high fidelity audio electronics.

As the first products in a new line integrating the most recent technological advances, Ex Nihilo was conceived from an idea to produce a no compromise power amplifier that could drive any HiFi loudspeaker in the known world. In order to achieve this, the Ex Nihilo power amplifier will drive 2 Ohm loads with ease and do this at a continuous power output of 900 watts RMS, damping factor 1300, SNR –110dB.

The audio engine printed circuit board is a true mono block fully balanced topology construction with the entire power supply, protection and audio amplifier circuitry built into a 2mm 2 ounce copper gold plate board.

The high current power supply feeding the output stage has two high current SMD bridge rectifiers feeding two banks of 48 low ESR filter capacitors for a total filtering capacitance of 225,000 μF.

The input driver stage also has its own electronically regulated power supply. Holton says “this provides extreme electrical isolation from the high current output stage pulses. The two electronic regulators feeding the input driver stages have their own dedicated and isolated secondary winding and bridge rectifier filter bank, providing a well-regulated and isolated power supply for the best possible sound quality.”

The mono block cases are exclusively built out of 10 mm aerospace grade aluminium alloy panels. The unique anti vibration designed case harbor's a 2.5 kVA fully shielded encapsulated toroidal transformer, placed on its own patented double isolated mezzanine system. Together with a third isolation level, this system is said to cancel out any acoustic noise. The two 400 mm heat sinks provide an optimal heat transfer and allow driving the amplifier at low temperatures at any power level.

StereoNET has been fortunate to have the first production models of Ex Nihilo amplifiers in our listening space for some weeks, and we can say that they are among the best amplifiers we have heard, period.

The Holton Audio Ex Nihilo mono block power amplifiers are available now and can be ordered in a combination of silver/black, or just silver or just black finishes. They are available for $29,000 RRP pair and supplied with custom road cases. Custom options like connectors, case design and internal wiring features are available upon request.

For more information, visit Holton Audio.

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