Posted on 10th January, 2018


Hisense has been so busy with its ULED 4K TVs, it has barely given a thought to OLED sets. Or so it seemed to industry observers.

They were wrong.

Hisense was always going to get into OLED technology, and now it has.

The brand took the covers off its inaugural OLED TV at this week’s CES in Las Vegas. The new set will complement the brand’s existing, large range of ULED 4K products according to Andre Iannuzzi, Hisense Australia’s Head Of Marketing.

Iannuzzi told StereoNET's sister site, GadgetNET, that Hisense TV buyers would now have an even greater choice.

We’re thrilled to compliment our already successful ULED range by giving Australian customers greater choice in the Hisense premium range thanks to the Hisense OLED TV.

Iannuzzi explained that the new OLED set was an example of how Hisense listens and responds to consumer demand by offering a choice of both top line TV technologies.

Hisense ULED Series 9

Hisense also used the CES show to announce it was enhancing its award-winning ULED 4K range by including a 1000 zone local dimming feature on select models.

It will also spread its leading technologies across its range. So expect to see a larger number of Hisense TVs equipped with Smooth Motion, Quantum Dot and UHD Premium Certification in 2018.

When it comes to TV technologies colour is king thanks to the vibrancy it engenders. But depth of black contrasting makes viewing a totally immersive experience.

The Hisense 1000 zone local dimming technology ensures the LCD panel is divided into 1000 different zones that can be dimmed and brightened independently of each other.

An approach that yields an expanded contrast range and greater detail in shadows.

The ULED 4K range is poised to have the latest Quantum Dot and Ultra HD Premium technologies. Quantum dot is inserted between the backlight and LCD to improve the colour gamut, and the expanded colour palette allows for more detailed imagery.

Hisense’s flagship Series 9 ULED 4K TVs have signatures features such as High Dynamic Range, Wide Colour Gamut, Ultra Smooth Motion Rate and Ultra 4K resolution. It also has Ultra HD Premium certification, the industry’s highest standard.

Also available now across the entire ULED 4K viewing experience is Smooth Motion Rate, a feature offering 200SMR picture quality that diminishes motion blur, image shimmering and unwanted pixelation.

Hisense used the CES to announce its Hisense Smart TV platform has evolved for its 2018 models.

VIDAA U 2.5 is an intuitive interface for both a personal and a fast channel switching response along with a new mobile application for Android and iOS devices. The app acts as a virtual on-screen remote so users can customise favourite apps, channels, and inputs.

Availability, pricing and specs for Australia are yet to be confirmed.

For more information visit Hisense.

Originally published as Hisense to add OLED TV to its Australian range.

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