High End Gets Kharma

Posted on 13th March, 2014

High End Gets Kharma

The guys at Radiance Audio Visual, Australian suppliers of a huge number of the world’s best AV brands must have one of the best jobs in the country. Where else could you play with kosher hi-end speakers the calibre of the Kharma range. What’s more, the envy metre went off the scale after Radiance shared the news that the $45,000 Kharma Elegance Double Nine and the $24,600 Single Seven (incl stands) have landed.

The next best thing to working for Radiance AV is to head up to Sydney Hi-Fi at Castle Hill who have both in their showrooms.

In what’s a coup, Radiance has been granted the Australian distributorship of the entire Kharma range of speakers, cables, electronics and accessories. Kharma makes some of the finest AV gear money can buy. Prices for its illustrious speakers start at $6300 and climb all the way to the serious part of the High-End where the Exquisite Grand Limited Edition sells for a tad over $700,000.

That’s some achievement for a company started in 1982 by Charles Van Oosterum while he was studying electronics, specialising in the fields of electromagnets and electromechanics at his Alma Mater, the University of Technology in Eindhoven.

Charles' original quest was no more than a burning desire to fund his experiments with his own unique designs and concepts using talents that were clearly exception.

So exceptional soon after his fame spread and Charles was in demand by individuals and companies who were eager to enjoy his skill and mastery of design.

Business boomed and by 1984, his company Oosterum Loudspeaker Systems was flat out producing speakers for the domestic and professional end user. What isn’t so well known is Charles created the concept of Satellite / Subwoofer speaker systems in his native holland-in 1984. A world first. Never one to turn down a challenge Charles responded to an audiophile’s request for speakers that could wallop the pants off the pair he was using at that time.

Charles told him about a speaker concept that was still in the design stage and existed purely as research stored on a disc. Without flinching, Charles' friend ordered a pair.

The response was what was later to become famous as the Grand Enigma Reference System which weighed 12 tons and had 30 kW of amplification. Truly one of the biggest, sought after hi-end domestic loudspeaker in global audio history.

For more information: Radiance Audio Visual or Sydney Hi-Fi

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