Hi-FI Show: Pure Music Group Delivers Elite 2-Channel Sound

Posted on 1st October, 2019

Hi-FI Show: Pure Music Group Delivers Elite 2-Channel Sound

Pure Music Group's room at each StereoNET Hi-FI Show always leaves a lasting impression with 2-channel stereo devotees. 2019 will be no different as PMG showcases a range of new products.

Room Lake 4 should be on your 'must-visit' shortlist for a close-quarters encounter with their elite level audio components. This year's display will feature two of the world's most heavy-hitting active loudspeakers.

The Kii Audio KiiTHREE will be paired up with the highly anticipated and most impressive BXT bass modules.

ATC Loudspeakers will also feature prominently in the form of their SCM100 Active Tower speakers. Those looking to experience first hand the advantages of active loudspeakers should most certainly drop in Lake 4.

Digital music sources will be on show from Antipodes Audio, connected to the new Mola Mola Tambaqui Discreet DAC. Attendees will be given the opportunity to hear native digital recordings, as well as tape and vinyl transfers in ultra-high-resolution DSD256 format. 

Renowned analogue front ends will also be in full swing with turntables from TechDAS and Kuzma, and tonearms from Thales, SME & Kuzma. 

There will also be Moving Coil phono cartridges from Japanese masters at Lyra & Phasemation, connected to the newly arrived phono stages from Doshi Audio and OAD Ultrafidelity (StereoNET Review). 

Those looking to experience or achieve truly high-end sound without stratospheric pricing are encouraged to hear the natural and involving sound achievable that Pure Music Group always delivers.

For more information, visit Pure Music Group.


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