Hegel Release H360 Integrated Amplifier

Posted on 25th February, 2016

Hegel Release H360 Integrated Amplifier

The H360 is the latest latest integrated amplifier from Hegel, packed with new patented SoundEngine technology with what the company promise to be “zero distortion” and excellent playback performance.

Said to produce a fast and ultra-clean amplified sound, the Hegel H360 combines finesse and musicality all wrapped up into one integrated amplifier, that delivers power when needed and delicacy when required. 

Through their Norwegian-based designer, Bent Holter, Hegel have achieved engineering excellence by eliminating harmonic distortion in many of Hegel’s products.

Hegel came to develop the SoundEngine technology, mainly due to the fact that the human ear is very sensitive to high frequency distortion components in audio signals. Combining this with many classical systems which produce audio that is different from the original master recording, mainly due to the sound getting lost through processing. 

This new SoundEngine technology manages to preserve the details of the original music signal resulting in a cleaner sound with a larger dynamic range and lower distortion. It also eliminates cross-over distortion with its error cancelling capabilities. Hegel has a distinct advantage over their competitors with such revolutionary technology that combines both class AB and class A amplifiers, resulting in impressive playback quality that Hegel says has set a new benchmark for performance.

Incorporating the finest technology in preamp, power amp and DAC, Hegel's H360 offers a juicy 250 watts per channel (8 Ohms) that will control even the most demanding loudspeaker.

With its all-in-one functionality and minimalist design, the H360 is equipped with balanced and unbalanced analog inputs, home theatre bypass, three optical inputs and one coaxial digital input.

Everyday sources such as mobile phones and computers will fill the room with ambient music and sound even better, with the H360 capable of streaming functionality with Apple AirPlay® and DLNA, as well as boasting USB inputs that support all formats including DSD64 and DSD128.

Hegel H360 is available now for $8,795 RRP 

Hegel is distributed in Australia by Advance Audio Australia.

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