Headphone Heaven Is Finally Here

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3rd April, 2014

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Headphone Heaven Is Finally Here

The booming Head-Fi market is crying out for a DAC/Headphone amp that stands out from the crowd. Philippe Luder, CEO of national distribution company Audio Dynamics, rang us this week to tell us AMI’s amazing DS5 has landed.

AMI Musik DS5 DSD Headphone Amp/DAC

"Seriously, AMI have come up with a high resolution, high performance DSD, DAC headphone amplifier that has our valued dealers reaching for superlatives and music lovers, enthusiasts and audiophiles excited," Luder said.

"The response, once people hear the DS5, is nothing short of a revelation. It’s that good."

Luder was on the hunt for this kind of product and he says when he finally evaluated the DS5 he knew he had found what he was looking for.

"We’ve searched high & low to source a DAC/Headphone amp that surpasses the performance of anything else in its price range that was tested. This is not just another "me too" headphone amplifier, the DS5 is an immaculately engineered, seriously amazing sounding piece of audio gear," he said.

AMI Musik DS5 rear

Luder points out the DS5 has all the credentials a high performance AV product needs to appeal to a very savvy consumer.

"All you have to do to understand why the DS5 beats the pants off the opposition is to look inside. Nichicon caps, muse opamps, Cirrus 4398 DAC, Wima film capacitor, TXCO 1PPM,  attention to every detail including the lay out of the signal path tells you the DS5 is special, very special. Hearing it confirms just how committed AMI’s designers were to creating what’s a very special product."

In even better news, Luder says Audio Dynamics, Australian distributor for AMI, has worked really hard to keep the RRP of the DS5 to a tempting $999.

That’s a great price for an audiophile quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC), standalone DAC and Headphone Amplifier supporting 2.8MHz (DSD64)/5.6MHz (DSD128).

The AMI MUSIK DS5 also supports 24bit/192kHz audio (24/192) in asynchronous mode-lossless audio of the same quality as HD audio master recordings.

AMI Music DS5

Luder delights in pointing out the DS5 was awarded an AV Best Buy in a shoot out between the following contestants where it was the clear winner.

The rivals included Astell&Kern AK120 Tital, Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum + Voltikus, Asus Essence III, L.K.S. Audio MH-DA002, Schiit Audio Loki, Sony UDA-1 and TEAC UD-501.

The DS5 will be in Australian stores by Easter.

To arrange an in-store audition or to place your order call (03) 9882 0372 and get set to be gob smacked.

More information visit Audio Dynamics.

The AMI Musik DS5 is also on demonstration now at Tivoli Hi-Fi.

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