Heading For The Top End

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8th May, 2014

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Heading For The Top End

Luxman has just announced its new range topping CD/SACD player, the D-08u is now available in Australia.

The superbly finished machine builds on all the sonic strengths of the previous D-08 model but goes to new levels of sonic excellence thanks to all-new digital and analog circuits.

The D-08u is primed and ready to go with Windows and mac PCs via its USB connection.

Build quality and finish is unarguably in the Rolex watch category especially the disc drive which uses Luxman’s patented LxDTM rigid mechanism.

Paul Clarke, Audio Active’s main man down under told StereoNET the drive is something special.

"It’s silky smooth and dead silent in operation. The drive will outlast the owner. It’s that good", he said.

Clarke also pointed out the D-08u’s 32-bit digital signal processing was built to fully engage with the PC audio age.

“That’s no idle boast. The D-08u uses the latest version of Luxman’s ODNF with fully balanced configuration. This is the bedrock of Luxman’s amplifier circuit technology and in the D-08U it’s used for the analog output circuit which we believe shapes the final quality of digital equipment,’’ Clarke said.

The D-08u will sell in Australia for $13,000 and will be available from September.

Luxman D-08u Specifications

For more information visit Audio Active.

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