Posted on 18th May, 2017


As expected, the best sounding systems at The High End Show in Munich have one thing in common: an analogue signal source.

While many audio brands remain conflicted about vinyl, Gryphon Audio Designs has always stuck fat to LP playback.

And as if to reinforce its unwavering commitment to analogue Gryphon’s Munich contribution includes a new affordable phono stage module that slots easily into its famed Diabolo 300 and Diabolo 120 integrated amplifiers.

Releasing the module, Gryphon founder Flemming E. Rasmussen said the LP remains special for his company.

The LP holds a very special place in our hearts here at Gryphon, having been the inspiration for our very first product, the now legendary Gryphon head amp. The LP remains the finest high fidelity medium ever offered for home use with a catalogue of titles that will never be rivalled by the compact disc,

The new Phonostage module drew its sonic inspiration from the brand’s Legato Legacy phonostage, but is priced to be more affordable.

Haute Fidelite (France) auditioned the module saying it provided “some of the most well defined vinyl playback that we have ever experienced in our listening room.’’

A standalone version of the module called the Gryphon Sonett Phono Stage is now available after vinyl buffs with other systems clamoured for one.

The Sonett is the result of Gryphon’s most up top date circuit topologies and uses low noise component break-throughs and power supply innovations.

The Sonett is perfect to slot alongside the Diablo 300 or Diablo 120 when these integrated amps have the Gryphon DAC module installed.

The Sonett phono stage was designed by Gryphon CEO, Flemming E. Rasmussen. Price in Europe for the Sonett is 5.990 Euros (local pricing not yet confirmed).

As you would expect from this ultra-high end audio brand, their Munich High End Show room sounds superb, complete with their Kodo Speaker System ($400K) and Collesseum Amplifier.

Gryphon Audio Designs at Munich High End 2017

Gryphon is distribubted in Australa by Advance Audio.

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