Goldmund Prologos Available in Australia

Posted on 23rd December, 2014

Goldmund Prologos Available in Australia

Absolute Hi End, recently appointed as the Australian distributor for Goldmund, present for the first time in Australia a solution that pushes the boundaries of wireless speakers.

The Goldmund ProLogos Active Wireless is the most dynamic speaker ever produced by Goldmund, with a stereo capability of more than 120dB / 1M, coming from a diminutive box of half a meter high.

It uses three of the same drivers contained in the Apologue, arguably one of the world's best speakers ever made, celebrated by critics worldwide but costing more than a very expensive luxury car.

Goldmund Prologos Wireless

ProLogos Wireless comes with two Telos Amplifiers, with a very high power transformer. The system provides the highest Acoustical Grounding ratio ever achieved in any Goldmund product, which guarantees extreme control of the drivers by the electronics at high playback level. It also incorporates a complete correction of amplitude, phase, and time with its new Leonardo2 DSP program.

It's fully constructed in metal with implementation of the mechanical grounding system to evacuate vibrations. An accessory Mechanical Grounding Frame and stands are available to even increase the dynamic range and neutrality in the low frequencies range.

Prologos is equipped with a Goldmund wireless receiver linking the speaker to the digital signal from a preamplifier connected to a Goldmund Wireless Transmitter, or directly from a computer with the Goldmund Dongle Emitter.

Prologos will sell in Australia for $59,900 RRP (excluding frame).

Goldmund is distributed in Australia by Absolute Hi End.

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