Posted on 13th September, 2018


Think of U.S. brand GoldenEar, and you’ll conjure up fabulous sounding, value-for-money large floor standing speakers.

Just lately, and with serious intent, GoldenEar has taken a sledgehammer to its brand profile by adding a pair of wee wonders with the magnificent moniker, the DigitalAktiv 3 or DA3 to its friends.

But call them what you will, the fact is the DA3 is GoldenEar’s first earnest venture into wireless, active speakers and has assuredly put plenty of R&D and moolah to ensure a successful debut.

Goldenear DigitalAktiv 3 Wireless Speakers

The DA3 is equipped with the same HVFR tweeter and six-inch bass/midrange as used in the Triton, reference model loudspeakers. How’s that for a stamen of intent.

This driver array is powered by separate class AB amps for each and supplemented by twin 8-inch passive radiators.

A 200-watt amp powers the bass and midrange while a 60-watter serves the tweeter. All the power amplifiers derive energy from high-current voltage regulated DC rails to ensure zero-voltage sag, especially during musical peaks.

Of even greater interest is the method used to process crossover functions such as frequency response and phase. GoldenEar has opted to do this digitally using a 56-bit DSP engine.

Curiously, GoldenEar says buyers can opt for a single DA3 or use a WiSA connection to connect two wirelessly.

Predictably, the DA3 is loaded with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Chromecast is built-in as well. The Cast module supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands to combat interference. In stereo mode, a pair of DA3s are linked via low-latency WiSA radio.

Goldenear DigitalAktiv 3 Wireless Speakers Rear

Multiple DA3s can be used to set up independent zones, and the volume level and program material can be controlled for each, separate DA3.

Voice control of the DA3 is also possible with any Google Home device.

GoldenEar plans to have over-the-air network supported software updates as these become available.

Given GoldenEar’s track record, buyers can approach the DA3 model in the knowledge that these wireless wonders buck the trend for the genre by offering and delivering high-end sound.

The downside is we won't get them in our hands until mid-2019 when they start shipping. While Australian pricing is not yet available, they're expected to sell overseas for USD $2000.

For more information visit GoldenEar.


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