Gold Note Pays Homage To Genius

Posted on 14th September, 2015

Gold Note Pays Homage To Genius

Since the introduction of their first accessory in 1992, Gold Note has been one of the world’s most proactive high-end audio manufacturers by always investing a large amount of time and energy in developing the overall perfection of their products, including their new Galileo Rack.

Manufactured in Italy, Gold Note's designer and architect, Stefano Bonifazi has once again created the fascinating Galileo audio rack in honour of the Florentine genius born in the mid-1500s. Galileo is one of the most illuminated physicists, mathematician, astronomer and engineer of the 2nd Millennium.

Within Gold Note’s deluxe features, the Galileo rack features a 45mm thick double massive super high damping real Italian walnut wood interfaced with 3mm stainless polished solid layers and 16 clamping screws.

With a full modular design, the Galileo allows you to customize and assemble your rack to your individual preference from one shelf to as many as you require, and with simple adjustments you can chose different height options.

Constructed with an hourglass extra solid machined aluminium adjustable four-foot design and adjustable integrated invisible spikes, the Galileo contains bronze clamp pillars interfacing the hourglass foot to increase the coupling effect, while absorbing energy and giving you a perfect listening experience.

With a design that combines different details which have been inspired by some the best Gold Note turntables including the Bellagio Conquest and the Mediterraneo, both which offer a perfect dampening effect. Thanks to the Galileo racks soft curved and rounded design of all of its angles and edges, you can expect a terrific dampening with a little extra efficient effect.

Infusing a beautiful unique Italian design, the Galileo rack also draws heritage of the Monumental Staircase of the Biblioteca (Library) Vasariana in Florence which was made by Michelangelo Buonarroti as well as the Michelangelo Monumental Tombs of Lorenzo Dei Medici. 

Galileo will be available in Australia from October. Pricing to be confirmed.

Gold Note is distributed in Australia by Absolute Hi-End.

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