Gold Note CD1000 CD Player

Posted on 20th October, 2015

Gold Note CD1000 CD Player

Handmade in Florence, Italy, high-end audio makers Gold Note have released their new CD-1000, with the brand promising that it is one of the greatest and most flexible CD Players available on the market.

There is something undeniably magical about the 1000 series electronics designed by Gold Note. Featuring a state-of-the-art digital and analogue stage, the CD1000 comprises a unique design exclusively modelled for the 1000 series that allows building upon the main unit with modular upgrades. 

To enable its pure, lifelike audio output, the CD-1000 features a AKM 24bit/192kHz high-resolution digital to analogue converter.

Powered by a proprietary Dual-Mono two transformer power supply as standard, the CD-1000 keeps the voltage of the unit extremely stable on all the audio signal paths to achieve pristine quality audio performance, while its internal power supply enables the CD Player to keep speed fluctuations to a minimum. 

The CD-1000 output stage is a fully balanced, solid-state, high performing, Dual-Mono PCM1792A digital to analogue converter, which is used in the Favard CD player.

For effective jitter reduction, the CD-1000 features Gold Note’s proprietary Zero-Clock™, which powers a T.I. CDCE906 Clock Master Generator that reshapes the clock every time the unit plays music. This allows the digital audio signal to be perfectly aligned with the digital to analogue converter, which helps to produce the very best audio purity and realism. 

This CD-1000 is offered with an elegant, large OLED 3D display, which is easily visible from any angle and even from long distance. Not only that, the CD-1000 also comes with plenty of optional upgrades and extras.

Gold Note offer fully customisable upgrades and solutions to personalise your CD-1000. Some upgrades include power supplies, ranging from 100 to 250Watt, a super external atomic clock upgrade made with either caesium or rubidium, as well as two unique optional external Class A tube output stages based on either 8 or 12 tubes. 

With its impeccable mechanical structure, crafted from solid machined steel and thick aluminium panels, the CD-1000 guarantees low frequency resonance, with feedback vibrational control and a low magnetic inertial field.

The Gold Note CD-1000 is available now for $6,900 RRP.

Options include:

  • PREAMP STAGE: features single resistor electronically controlled dual mono volume gain $1,700
  • STEREO BALANCED ANALOGUE INPUT - XLR stereo analogue input $1,700
  • PSU-1100 - 100Watt Dual Mono Power Supply $5,000
  • PSU-1250 - 250Watt Dual Mono Power Supply $10,500
  • TUBE-1008 - 8 dual triode tubes output stage with tube inductive power supply $4,500
  • TUBE-1012 - 12 dual triode tubes output stage with tube inductive power supply $11,800
  • CLK-1037 - Atomic Master Clock – With Rubidium super high mass mineral with atomic number classification 37 one of the best mineral for master clock generators allows a great digital alignment to cancel the problem of the Jitter $8,200
  • CLK-1055 - Atomic Master Clock – With Cesium the highest mass mineral with atomic number classification 55 is the best mineral for master clock generators allows a perfect digital alignment to cancel the problem of the Jitter $15,990

Gold Note is distributed in Australia by Absolute Hi End.

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